My longread interview for Subsign agency

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welcome to steemit comunity i hope you enjoy it :-)

Very inspirational interview, thank you for sharing! I love how you found that game you made as a kid, that is so cool! And I also love the drawings you made when you were young, you can see you already had a style of your own back then.

Haha! In that game we even have few Easter eggs. If you enter your player name as special code it can open hidden copters. We had done even flying back forward cow with 💩 instead of rockets there 😂

Haha, wow! It's so cool that you even thought of Easter eggs! Very creative :) Sometimes I wish I could program games as well. Guess I don't have time to learn everything 🤔

Thank you, Fil, for such a wonderful longread. I took me some time to read it, but it was worth. By the way, I can't tell is it just me or other steemians too, but after reading your post I feel so calm and in peace with myself. Like I'm a little baby and mom gave me a pacifier. All the problems and things that bugged me throughout the day are gone. At the moment I feel really tranquil. Anyway, thank you one again for this post.

You made my day! 😍

Very cool to see the construction of a career (and consequently that of an artist) where a series of factors ranging from childhood to building a philosophy of life result in a better human being... beautiful description of life experience and even if you can reach it when synergy, passion for what you enjoy and dedication are one of your priorities in life. In fact we always have something to learn from other people when we stimulate human interaction - as you always suggest in your texts - Congratulations!

I love your comment :)

Mehn... @dunsky

You have inspired me so much.
You made everything look surreal, and beautiful
Find so much peace looking at your arts
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much! It's so nice to inspire you!

great art bro...thanks for shareing...

keep it up..:-)

welcome to steemit.
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Animasi animasi :)

Great post, your biography is interesting, love the Smetana illustration.

Thank you! 🙏

hello hello friend today I could see your post I love them for the different reasons beautiful fun and I learn many new things it feels excellent to tell other people how well they do it. in your case I congratulate you for the beauty of your work is art in all its expression.
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Great and fascinating read! I love to hear your background story with your childhood and how you became an illustrator. You inspire me to become better at what I do. Thanks for that! :) Helen

Nice to hear that, thank you!

Hi! I’m super happy you joined Steemit! I’m brand new to Steemit and it’s wonderful to see other Steemian’s join the community. Keep posting. I’d love to see more ☺
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Best of luck to you!

@zoewillamson I see you send this to everyone. Don't you afraid of flags? Someone may present it for you soon for that. Your comment was irrelevant here so I've spotted...

@dunsky I am brand new to Steemit. I was not aware that this was an issue. Thank you pointing this out to me.

I would suggest you to read the Steemit FAQ first. If you will be flagged your posts may become invisible to others so you will have to start from the beginning with new clean account. Spamming is not good in any social network and community so this is basic thing not for Steemit only.

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Hi guys, why do you send same mass messages to everyone? This may be interpreted as spam and flagged...

thanks for sharing your story!

You're welcome!

wow great effort you put into this!

your illustrations are great and i would also like to seem posts about yoga in the future! great, thanks for sharing.

Thank you! Will write something interesting about that soon :)

Your works are really great digital painting work man. @dunsky BTW I'm using the wacom tablet like you, when I drew something like that. :) Keep draw.. :)

Thanks a lot! I was using Wacom tablet instead of mouse in all the tasks. Even when browsing. That helped me to get used to it in a week.

Really enjoyed reading this @dunsky. Your upbringing sounds fascinating. I look forward to reading more about your process.

Have you ever illustrated your meditation process?

Glad to hear that! Thank you! Well... I got some ideas from meditations, sometimes I can realize how to solve the problem of particular design or illustration during meditation but to illustrate the inner process of meditation is something which I can not imagine is possible because this is beyond words.

If you mean outer than I have drawn lot's of meditative yogies and characters :) I would like to write some posts about yoga and meditations with them in future.

I look forward to those posts too then :) @dunsky

I love your work so much!! Keep up the great work!!

Thanks a lot! Are you developing that game with characters you've posted on your account? Very nice designs!

I liked that pillow =・ω・=

I can't call myself an artist seeing this

I appreciate it if this is a compliment. But please, never underestimate your abilities.

Hello, @dunsky!

This is a really great post an a magnificent biography!
We on @Mundo-Steem will be posting contest for artists, designers, photographers and more. We'll really apreciated seeing you there!

Mundo-Steem crew

this is so awesome.

Welcome @dunsky to Steemit! Great introduction and thanks for sharing. I added and followed you on Steemit, will be awesome if you check out my contents and follow me as well, and hope we can stay connected and support each other~ :)!

Thank you, Miss Kat :)

All good @dunsky! Looking forward to your upcoming posts~

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