"Ithaqa" Comic Book Update #207 My Favorite Couple That Will (Probably) Never Be

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In the ever evolving internal debate of which characters I would ship, Mookie and Catherine could be a kind of fun pairing. I'm not saying it would be sustainable or healthy, but for a brief time they could be happy. Catherine, because in her mind she'd be heading towards the silver screen/the moving pictures, and Mookie, because he'd have someone who couldn't see through his BS.

Ultimately, I'd think Mookie could only be happy with someone who would challenge him, hold his feet to the fire, and force him to step up his game. Margaret or Ruth could both fit that bill, but Theresa has already shipped Margaret and Hazel, so I guess my hands are tied.

Hazel and Margaret Couple.jpg

How can I argue with that chemistry?! Guess we'll see what happens going forward!

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It's gotta be Mazel... the Marvelous Ms. Mazel!!

Mookie and Catherine .... I think you are right, even if it won't last, it would have been quite a relationship :D Well, some things are meant for a short burst of life...

That's true, the flame that burns twice as bright, lasts half as long, right?

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