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RE: STREET ART – Mauritius part 1 – now on the map of world street art

in #art6 years ago

oh! I missed this payout! Please accept this tip instead!

@tipu send tip please :)

My favorite is HANDS DOWN that first one - the child burying his face - ohhhhhhh i love it!!!! :)

@dreemsteem, saying hi from the Welcome Wagon


Thanks. I really love that painting too :)

Maybe he's not burying his face... But fully engaged in digging for treasure hehehhee

To me the painting tells about a childs who's world is falling to pieces....

oh... yes - i guess it could be viewed that way. now you made me a little sad LOL

I see his arms in there.... so.... i think that he sees a precious gem down there! he's reaching... and then it will be the key to turning his life around!!! :)

I like the way you see it :)

hehehehehe i prefer the hopeful - when i can :)

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