Another Pug drawing this time my attempt at screen capture

in art •  3 months ago 

I'm happily back to Steemit.

I'm probably still a week or so away from getting into a proper schedule, but I have been busy. And part of that 'bussy-ness' has been trying to learn some video editing and a bit of screen capture. I am still very much an amateur.

Today I thought I'd share my first endeavour in capturing and editing. It might be a bit boring, but I captured my pencil sketch for the pug animation of which I shared one cell yesterday. This time I was able to share the video as I simply uploaded it to Youtube. That is also another thing I am hoping to learn and grow with.

Enjoy my silly little sketch and take a moment to look up from the screen and smell the fresh (or stale depending on your locale) air. Though I am all for living Online, a bit of the outdoors never hurt anyone.

Happy Day.

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