A watercolour study and not posting

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Here is a study I did early this year

It has been over 9 days since last posting.

I promised myself I'd not let more than 7 days fall between my posts, but literally each day has been filled with my Summer Rental work. I've had to do more than the usual amount to my two little cottages I let this Season. And in addition am working on the main house at Toad Hall to let as well.

This leaves little time for Online and Art

and I've mainly been choosing art over going online for that time. So, I have been stealing moments to work on things, but this past week has been SO hectic, nothing worth posting.

This morning I was going through some studies

I've worked on to consider some other larger piece to attack over the next 7 day. I remember making this sketch as the surrounding was drawn from a photo from one of my fun days in England. A wonderful wooded path of birches.

She has the look of hopeful dreaming which is what I feel of late.

I truly feel out of the loop here

and hope to rectify it, but until mid July, I shall probably not have the time to retrun to posting multiple times a week.

I truly miss it.

I hope all of you are good and that Steemit is happily chugging along, like the "Train that Could".

I've often compared Steemit to a small home town village one can return to and things will seem the same.

I hope that continues to be true.

I hope you all are finding more time for creation and posting than I. #
As always, if you feel so inclined, upvote, resteem, and by all means comment.

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The nerve!! Life getting in the way of the joy of Steemit. Hate when that happens, though it often does. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. It does sadden me a bit to see you have to let Toad Hall. Though I understand why. Almost feels at times I've been there, after all these posts and photos over the years, looking out the windows to the ocean beyond. But as I says above, things go the way they go. (Wow....Mr. Philosophization on a Saturday here.) I can certainly relate too, as summer work has taken over much of my time to do things on here. I so like to write, but time to do it, she slips away on a regular basis. I have banks of photos for project ideas, it's just all that 'other stuff', like FINISHING the project, that get in the way.
I enjoyed this image above, and the look back to m.o. England. Hope you get to head back that way one day soon. That was a fun trip from this end, living vicariously through the DDA imagination and creation machine. And I miss Ivan the dog as well. Such a cute little pooch. Well, hope this finds you still having some fun, beyond necessary work. And your weekend is a good one. Cheers from the other side of the continental.

Summer is always the steady push, but you take your moments when you can. I personally just keep looking forward to fall, as summer is not my thing, and remind myself that it’s just a few months of crazy, then I can breathe & enjoy peacefulness again! Make your money while the sun shines!

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An awesome study as usual, dear Donna! It's so nice your definition about steemit as "a small home town village one can return to and things will seem the same", it's really a sweet thought and I'm happy to think about me as one of the citizen of that home town village who can wait the return of the ones who have to work out of it or the one who came back at home after some times out. ^_^

A beautiful piece and I can only imagine how hectic it must be getting the places ready hang in there and we will be here when you have the time to return