When Kids being creative ! :D

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Hi Steemians,

Hope you are doing great, Today I'm writing a steemkidsblog on request of two creative kids.

Every kids has a special talent but it’s very difficult to judge when someone needs to decide among our own kids :) , Todays blog needs your feedback to vote two creative entries by two Creative kids Miss Rang and Naina.

Participant AParticipant B
4 Years old9 Years old

So as the summer vacations has begun all across the nation in India, which also meant that most of the children will go for an outing. Some may go to hills with their family and some may to go to their relative’s place which could be cousin’s place, grandparents place etc. Now, the biggest challenge is how to engage them in any activity (being away from home) apart from watching T.V. and phone. So we also have two kids in our home.

We gave them some coloring task & the winner to be rewarded by beautiful Barbie gift bag.

Oh Cool, they agreed and started it with full focus

After the hard work and dedication, they came up with the following creative arts:

Unique Modern Art by Baby Rang - Entry A




Unique Modern Art by Baby Naina - Entry B



Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the creative arts, Do vote in comment section with Option A (Baby Rang) or Option B (Miss Naina). Both had asked me to write this blog and eagerly waiting to see the response by steem community.

All your RESTEEM's always are much appreciated here, and always noticed
Stay Tuned & Keep Steeming,



Both the Rang and Naina so cute and beautiful. I don't want to compare they work because both have done awesome coloring work. As age difference is there so obsessively some work difference is seen. I vote for both.
You have done great job.

Thanks your valuable feedback @mehta Bhai !! appreciate it.

Total Count

Rang : 2
Naina : 2


Wow that's a creative capture. Good to see Rang and Naina.. happy kids. Thanks for sharing. My vote for both of them. As u said we cannot judge. Both of them are so cute.

Thanks Mr Naveen for your valuable feedback, you are making task difficult for us ! but I will respect your vote

Total Count

Rang : 1
Naina : 1


The girls works reflect their own cuteness and beauty. It is hard to pick a better one because each work was uniquely and creatively done. Congratulations to both girls! Always nice to see kids as young as them with such talent.

Lovely comment! Appreciate your time to read the blog, I hope you enjoyed it. I will convey your words to pretty kids. I m very sure they ll feel motived and happy to hear such words.

Cheers !

I enjoyed their work..especially that I'm into Barbie and Princess Sofia as well :)

Yes me too, they were so much focused! i have showed them all the comments and they loved all! Thanks for your support

Wonderful art by kids.. Full marks to both of them.. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for your lovely comments ! glad you have resteemted and liked it..

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wow .... so creative .. best art ...

Thanks Bro for your valueable comments!

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Such a great idea and creative minds :)

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