An Invite to Artists! Be a Steemian Now!

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I already made an invitation post for photographers before, check that post out here: An Invite to Photographers! Be a Steemian Now!.

As I've mentioned before, this website focuses on quality content creators. When we say creators, there are lots of profession that will come to your mind. Definitely, one of them will be Artists. It is true that there are lots of artists in Steemit already, just look at the trending page or hot page of #art #painting #drawing and you will surely see amazing talents!

Even simpler artworks are rewarded here as long as the presentation and execution is well-worth the read/view. A perfect blog post can come from an artist. So, why should an artist be a Steemian? I'll give you some samples here in this post.

Disclaimer: Growth in the website will fully depend on your interaction and exposure. Earning high rewards is a possibility and having the right qualities will increase your chances of making it big in Steemit!

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What's in it for me?

An artist can earn decent rewards by being a Steemian. I've seen lots of people who earned that way. I'm actually an artist as well and I've experienced these rewards when I post art here in Steemit.

How much can an artist earn here? Well, this depends on lots of factors but it can be up to thousands of pesos. (around 1,000 usd). Here's some example posts:

A resteem from @curie

This post has $217.93 on it. Here's a break down of the rewards they got for that amount on a post:

And here are the actual rewards that was received by the author:

What are those values? You ask. Well, let me explain. There are 3 basic currencies here in Steemit: Steem, Steem Power, & Steem Dollars. Steem and Steem Power have the same value, the only difference is that Steem Power is locked and Steem is liquid. Steem Dollars are on a different market rate and they are liquid as well.

As of the moment, here's how much those currencies are:
Steem & Steem Power: $5.50 each.
Steem Dollars: $6.17 each.

Sometimes those amounts can be higher or lower depending on the market rate. So let's try and solve for how much that design post was worth:

  • 82.086 SBD x 6.17 = $506.47062
  • 25.345 SP x 5.50 = $139.3975
  • A total of $645.86
  • That's around 33,000php when converted.

The highest SBD and SP became was 15$ and 8$, imagine coverting them into fiat around those times, that would be more than double!

Here are some other sample art posts you can check:

What you need to know about Concept Art and the video game industry as an artist

Let The Paint Flow, this is made by a Filipino.

Painting and Drawing - Hellboy vs. Hellboy

There's a lot more artists and Steemians who receive rewards like that and they're giving their best to earn those amounts.

Have you been doing the same in other platforms? Let's say Wordpress or Instagram or Facebook? Have you received amounts for your hard work aside from all the attention and likes you receive?

Well, in Steemit, you won't only be rewarded by attention, you'll get rewarded in cash. Money Talks!

Here's a sample wallet of an artist in Steemit:

There are other ways to keep your rewards, by the way, some for the long term gain:

  • Circulate it in the system by offering it as rewards by making contests.
  • Use it to power up your account to reward others and get curation rewards in return.
  • Trade it for other coins and grow your investment portfolio.
  • Keep it and hodl and sell when it goes up even more.
  • Etc.

Artists to check out:






Hi. I'm completely new and fresh here. I guess this is a first post I've read and I already like it :) Good spirit. Art. Yes. :)

Thank you so much @wavelane. How did you end up on my blog? :D Anyways, I wish you the best. Do good and never give up!

You are welcome. To be honest.. I don't know. Probably I was looking in art section and I was just kind of drawn to your profile :) You know.. magic vibes over net :) Thank you. I will do my best to hang around often.

Lovely insights, fascinating post... I think its high time i start posting my illustrations too.. I'm a photographer and i've got Graphic design skills too.. Thanks for sharing @deveerie

That sounds like a plan. Hope you get curated! Good luck!

Well I really feel and wish a lot more content creators will get noticed here, it would be great if a platform can suffice though, however, this is amazing all the analysis you put up is educating, I'm @Josediccus

There are lots of curation teams here, @ocd @bayanihan @curie etc. What I wish is that more whales will do something about curation and not just sell votes.

Art enables us to discover ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. You have to use your imagination, to create a beautiful creation.

Beautiful words there! Thanks for the comment!

Hey, I totally agree. Great contents will always be valuable no matter what happened. To be an great content creator is also my reason to join!
Don't hesitate to view my posts, I create original fashion styles.

Looking good. Thanks for commenting. If you can make longer blogs I'm sure curators will be able to reward your posts. Gave you some upvotes.

Also, do make an #introduceyourself post. Your instagram has 13k followers and that's a great achievement. Community would like to know about that. You can use that to promote Steemit too.

Thanks for all suggestions! Will try

Is there a support team for artists from the philippines as well? To help minow artists grow 😊 not only in following or account but also give pointers and tips to improve the craft? Its usually my struggle as a self taught artist. I dont have a lot of contacts with other artists unlike those who took up fine arts :)

Hi there. I'm running @artguildph #artguildph but I'm still caught up in other things that I can't really manage it that much. I created a room though, inside the @steemph discord server, it's a room full of tutorials (as long as others don't spam it with irrelevant stuff).

Wow gonna check that out :)

nice blog . congratulations to you


Thank you! The GIF was a nice touch.

This is indeed a great opportunity for everybody. Great post..

Thanks for the comment! Gave you an upvote on your blog. Do great!

thank you for the upvote.. continue supporting newbies.. Steem on :")

What does it mean by being curated? Should I follow account such as bayanihan, curie, and sndbox to get curated?

You can, but those people actively look for good posts. Try engaging with those communities then it's just best of luck.

One of the selling point my friend told me was "You're sharing your craft on Facebook and Instagram but do you get an income with the like and comments you get?" Its really awesome when your doing what you like at the same time earning cash for you to support you future endeavors.

Thanks for posting this. Drive me more to create new stuff. :D

image is good
the art is fine.....i think this artist is briliant
carry on
alltime following you

Wow so following ...pls do same
Nice post

Wonderful art..I appreciate artists ..
Thanks for sharing this post.
Carry in.

This is a great information for steemian artists. Thanks for this!

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