Doodling the steemit logo

in art •  last year 

Hello y'all I hope you are doing good. We are all aware that the blockchain technology is a blessing for us.
Steemit is no exception it has rewarded our voice and given us exposure at the same time.
I couldn't be more grateful to pay tribute tribute to it .The doodle took me 4hrs to complete.
Materials I used:color pencil ,Watercolor and some markers
So,let me know your thoughts about it below.

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I suggest you should buy some steem. That’s the best strategy, here.

such awesome and cool 😎 drawing! nice work


Thank you it means a lot

You should participate in our logo challenge, have a look:


I am looking forward to it ✌


Are you going to participate?

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Done now upvotes please 😋

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