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This image began as an Instagram photo, taken when I was bicycling past this little shop after work one rainy night. I put my iPhone down to the ground and snapped some photos. Later, I looked through what I had taken and uploaded this one, probably with the Hefe filter. Then, I printed it out on paper, and started to paint.


I used a toned stretched canvas, and placed some titanium white to describe the dominant bright areas of the composition. Then, I took some red, yellow, blue and white to make brick color, and placed that in all the areas brick appears. Then I noted some of the darker areas. This forms the drawing and serves as the structure on which to place everything else.


I'm particularly proud of this one. I feel I have perfected my technique, of skipping the basic drawing, and just painting. I had to jam the image, which was square, into the rectangular canvas shape. It took removing some details, but it came together pretty easily.


The biggest problem I had was keeping the horizon in the middle, while reducing the reflection's length. I didn't go back to an original photo, because I really liked the composition and the color tones I was able to achieve in Instagram. Since, I have bought a square canvas so I can do another with fewer problems.


Coming Together

It is at this stage where I simultaneously become overwhelmed at how much detail there is left to do, but also encouraged by the progress and the emerging effect of reality. To some, it may be complete, but I'm not looking to cut corners. I want to see details.


So I struggled some with the perspective of the fire escape. Probably because of the foreshortening of the image, I was left with windows that would be too wide compared to their height. To remedy this I increased the distances between the windows. It works, but isn't ideal if you're a stickler for accuracy.


The Home Stretch

Everything is where it goes, and most of the colors and details are in place. I'm going around and refining the lines and angles, making sure the shapes and shadows are all as they should be. The folds in the guy's pants, dirt on the bricks, shadows describing the form of the tree. Whatever is needed to make it look real.


As I'm going around improving things, I keep in mind that I'm not recreating a photograph- I'm painting a painting. It's nice when someone exclaims, "that looks like a photograph!" but I want the next words to show they know it's not, and recognize someone took the time to paint it.


Final Product

So here is the finished piece. It's 16x20, oil on canvas. I haven't varnished or framed it yet since I have been working on my new project. More to come!

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I love to see the progress of this one! It's the fine details that make the difference! I agree with you that people should appreciate that it was painted. It's nice when someone says that it looks like a photograph but there should be something distinctive that makes you think: WOW! Someone actually painted that!

The reflection is so good and the whole scene just looks real. I like the way you painted that guy. His body looks like he was moving and the proportion is right in my opinion. Actually all proportions look right :)

Thank you for sharing! It's a lovely piece of work!

Have a nice weekend!

Thanks so much! He's my favorite part of the image :)

This is so lovely! I thought each step along the way appeared to be a beautifully complete painting. And then you would add more, and more and then even more! Beautifully done

Thanks for commenting! I was afraid if I went any further, I'd have to get a magnifying glass and spell out "Massachusetts Avenue" in the street sign!

Oh is that what it says! 😃

Hello @dbennett, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

You rock! Thank you!!

Upvoted and reposted ;) truly deserved

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You're so kind! Thank you!

I really like watching step by step posts about drawing; I am not an artist and honestly I am not able to use a pencil or a pen to draw, but I want to watch other people while they create the art with their hands.
Steem on!

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Take a drawing class! I literally couldn't draw before I started. I just really wanted to do it.

Talent is not something you can learn when you want.

I would like suggesting you that I will have a contest on my account soon: on March, 3rd I will have my First Steem Birthday and I will make a contest where I will show all my portraits: there will be a lot of prizes and if you would like to partecipate with a drawing (also easier that this one) it could be a pleasure to me to join you!
It could be a good way to show your art all over Steem Blockchain😉👍
Let me know!!!
Thank you and Steem on!!!

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This is a beautiful art, and certainly it gives the feeling that it's not only a photo, but a painting first and foremost. The colours, the lighting, and the reflection are really lovely :).

I'm so glad you like it! I scouted out that corner for months before the lighting was just right :)

Nice, thanks for sharing your process.

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That's wonderful! Thank you!

Darren! So wonderful to see you posting again, and with such a wonderful piece <3 I love this, I love it very much ... The colours, the detailing, the gorgeous technique of blending and creating different textures and surfaces * ___ * What an absolutely stunning artwork <3

I just keep looking at various parts of this painting and my eyes are having a feast !!! :D

Come back to discord, too, Darren! I miss chatting with you~

Much love,
a spider <3

I really appreciate it! I've been so busy that I haven't been able to Steemit. I applied to a program and got accepted! It's life-changing. Post to come :)

OMG congratulations! Im glad to hear that good things are happening for you :D :D :D

I will of course wait for your posts :) As always <3

Love the process and the fact that it all started as a photo. I always love reflection in art and photography. Great job.

Thanks! I needed an original source for my paintings, and the only natural choice was my own photos. Glad you like it!

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