Apollo Abstract Photography

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Dear All,

Dear Steemians,

I am showing you the Apollo Abstract Photography made from my real photo captured.
My intention is to try make awesome abstract from this photo but I'm having a little bit conf.. as if am just using this app for abstract, but at the end below are processed and end result.

Proceeded Stages:




Final Stage:


Original post is right here taken with my Samsung Phone:


Thank you for visiting my post.

Have a blessed night.

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Love your photo very creativy @davidad

Thx you..

There are beautiful pictures @davidad

Thank you Snr. @xpilar for your kind words.

Wow this is so beaitiful.


I like your sense of creativity. Good job. Keep sharing


Thank you sir for sharing this post very nice..and great photography...i appreciate your contest..carry on my [email protected]

Thx you ... Nice you liked it.

Very good


Hahahaha.... you played with the vivid color, do you? you are really smart to make me confuse. I guess there is a death body of butterfly. Have nice dream.

Best Regard