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Hi friends!

You know I like to drawing a different mystical creatures. It's very fascinatingly to create unique owner worlds on a paper or with digital pen

Usually, if I draw to art contest I make some skethes and then choose one of them as best.

This dragon was one of sketches to Winter theme contest on WLS



I imagined a big dragon sitting on top of the highest rock even above the sun, and many snow-capped mountains around...

Зимний дракон_эскиз.jpg

Color palette.
I wanted to draw in concrete color gamma, in cold shades, an example.
Yes, it's Photoshop CC 2018, if it interested to anyone...

Зимний дракон_палитра.jpg


Зимний дракон_этап 1.jpg

Choose a base colors of dragon & rock

Зимний дракон_этап 2.jpg

Зимний дракон_этап 3.jpg

Details - light, shadows, clouds, mountain textures

Зимний дракон_этап 4.jpg

Winter mountain sun

Зимний дракон_этап 5.jpg

On this step I decide I don't like very poor color palette and add a adjustment layer Color Lockup

Зимний дракон_этап 6.jpg


Зимний дракон_этап 7.jpg

Зимний дракон_этап 8.jpg

Finally I add some dramatic shades with Curve layer.

And more mist on back mountains to highlight foreground.

It's what I got!


Have a nice day!

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