Steemian Pets in Exotic Locations | Photo Realistic Artwork - See the Requests & Results by @danielwooddesign

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My last post was a success and I was able to get 4 Steemians to submit their pet photos. I asked for 3 entries but added an extra because this Steemian spent an hour trying to upload his pet photo. I have a soft heart for technical difficulties.

This post is the "finished results" of the photo realistic artwork, before and after.

Here is a recap of the original post:

Your pet will be digitally airbrushed & blended and placed into the background scene of your choice. I will shade, color, shadow and highlight the artwork to perfection, with amazing accuracy to color and lighting. The result is a personalized, realistically rendered scene of your pet that looks real! Would you like to see your pet posing in front of the Statue of Liberty, how about a Volcano in Peru? What about a room in Paris (see above).

An idea is born

I had this idea a year ago to create our pets as "world travelers."

In a nutshell, I work on each pet scene to create a realistic rendering that might fool some. I call it "scene building." I'll start with the subject pet and build a scene around the pet in several layers. The result is what you can see as examples below.

Exclusive to Steemians

I am offering this free service to Steemians only. Please follow and look for my blog posts with a similar image below. I will be accepting entries at that time. I will place a notice on the post after I receive 3 entries. I will add more entries as my channel grows on Steemit.


I require at least 2 images of your pet and its name. This step is necessary so I can confirm that it's your pet.

Each Steemian has received their final high resolution download, sent through the original comment request. You can view the original post here:

Also, please follow these Steemians above each of their pets image! As Trump would say "They are good people."

In the future I will create a post for each Steemian and post before and after photos. That's a free pet portrait and exposure to your blog.

Please enjoy the before and after images below.

@unbroken Awesome work you're doing! Love it.
Can you put Princeton in paradise? Maybe somewhere nice surrounded by angels or hot girls LOL.
He's old and I hope that's where he's going in the end.



@unbroken Thanks so much for this! Princeton looked totally happy and he does belong there! haha....
Look forward to your next work

@guidedcrypto how cool is this ! awesome Daniel! his name is pancake ( was panic @ shelter ) so we tried to keep it close. I tired all morning to post it steemit was saying exceed my bandwidth ? So I had to keep waiting :(. Pancake isn't picky he'd love to go anywhere :P



@guidedcrypto thank you came out awesome !

@raorac Hi Daniel, thats a really nice idea of you. Here is my cat called Susi, maybe this picture fits :) would be nice to have her in front of some pyramids ;)



@raorac many thanks Daniel, looks perfect for me and i love it. Will try to make a poster out of it and this will get a god place in our house. Thank´s a lot. Will write a post in my blog about your blog and your work.

@platonicform I really love you post sir.. Oh can you put this kitten in artic... Because they white like polar bear...



Who am I?

I'm @danielwooddesign the hombre that brings exciting custom logos and pet portraits to Steemit!




The pic of white mountain and white cat is something differ to see. The combination of both together is nice to see.

The dog beside the angle was telling something to me. Do you want to eat anything?

Thanks you @introvert-dime It turned out pretty good. Those Kittens, I believe, live in the Philippines. She wanted to see them in the Arctic.

wow nice collage!
Are you using photoshop or just an application of your phone?

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Thank you, @elizahfhaye If you look at the bottom of my post you will see me sitting in front of my computer with El Gato. I think phones are great to talk on. :) I wouldn't use a phone create with. I use a Wacom Pen tablet. Thanks for asking.

Followed, upvoted, resteemed! Very impressive artwork! What a creative mind you have!

Wowo so nice..
Beautiful @danielwooddesign amazing bro..

Thank you! @asifawan379 How life on the other side of the world?

This looks AMAZING! I've followed you, maybe I'll get a chance next time. All of your work is very impressive anyway so it'll be fun to keep with you.

Can I post some of your images on my Facebook page if I quote you as the source? What about as my desktop wallpaper? Thanks for considering!

Hello @felipejoys, The images can be used on Facebook. Please include the users that I created the pictures for too. These are their pets. Yes, you can use them for desktop wallpaper too. Cheers.

I will include them, thank you!

I made a FB page and I'm posting some of your work and some stuff from pixabay along with fake news. Very extraordinary fake news.

They go something like this... ahem.

"It's already been over 3900 years since the first 'domestic' cat has been sent to our planet to observe us."

Animals always beautify enviroments.

Caption: Just as he gets here / A few minutes later.

I have no power to explain
Really it's so amazing post

Excellent work, our pets become fundamental and vital parts of our lives and it is always important to stress our love every time we can and what better way than this.

This is soooo creative and just shows how involved the Steem community is! I love this style of art because it is refreshingly original! The idea of having other Steemians send you photos of their pets for the art is a fun fresh idea!

Hello @annemariemay Thank you for the thoughtful comment. Welcome aboard! I took a quick look at your first post (will read it tonight) Your on the right track! A born Steemian! Great photos! You remind me of why I need to go back to the gym. You look great!

lovely...hahah. i really enjoyed this post. the background change is so cute. i don't have a pet cos my job makes it difficult for me to be able to take Good care of them properly. but looking at this pics now makes feel the urge so strongly...

Lol, Yeah they are work. Almost like having a child. My cat is very needy. Sometimes I wish I can send the cat to the Arctic.

Arctic ! haha.......very funny.lolzzzz. its a good thing you cant do that

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