Pet Portraits in Exciting Environments for Steemians | Exclusive | See examples @danielwooddesign

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For a limited time I am offering Free personalized pet portraits in exciting scenes to any Steemian that send me a "good" photo of their pet.

We have had three requests in 13 Hours. We've hit the maximum requests for this post. If you have any submissions please follow and wait for the next post. I will reposting this again very soon including the finished art from the latest submissions.

What I do

Your pet will be digitally airbrushed & blended and placed into the background scene of your choice. I will shade, color, shadow and highlight the artwork to perfection, with amazing accuracy to color and lighting. The result is a personalized, realistically rendered scene of your pet that looks real! Would you like to see your pet posing in front of the Statue of Liberty, how about a Volcano in Peru? What about a room in Paris (see above).





How do I send my photo & how do I choose a scene "background" setting for my pet?

Send me a photo of your pet and upload as a comment. Tell me where you would like your pet placed.
Examples: Pyramids of Giza, Egypt. The Grand Canyon, Arizona. The Taj Mahal, India. Rocky Mountains, Colorado, Planet Mars Landscape, etc.

When can you expect your portrait?

As soon as the artwork is complete, which is about a week, maybe sooner.

How many Steemian pets will you choose?

I need to put a cap of 3 Steemian pets for now. Each piece takes several hours and I will work on them in between my "day job" as a web developer.



What kind of pets?

Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits for now. If you have an elephant as a pet, see me later.

How will you choose which pet photos to use?

I will choose the 3 (first come, first served) of "good" photos. I need high resolution ( at least 700 pixels in width) full body shots of your pet. See my guideline graphic below. (right click to view larger)

Tips on taking a great photo of your pet.


How will I receive my portrait?

I will send you a comment letting you know it's ready. I will include a link to the digital high resolution file.
The file is ready to print & share. I will also post the results to my blog.

Where do you get your background images?

I pay for an extended license with Shutter Stock. User ID 186283850 I have access to over 70 million images to use in my portraits, logos and designs.


Who am I?

I'm @danielwooddesign the hombre that brings excitement to Steemit!



We have had three requests in 13 Hours. We've hit the maximum requests for this post. If you have any submissions please follow and wait for the next post. I will reposting this again very soon including the finished art from the latest submissions.


Awesome dude! Jealous of your computer setup. I can't wait to get back into the graphic design game. Steem on my friend!!!!

Takes some convincing to the wife that I need to periodic upgrade. I generally update monitors every 3-5 years. Best monitors are IPS panels for color accuracy. The one on the right is for Netflix ;) Looking forward to seeing your work.

The upgrade is well worth it! I can't wait either, I was going to use my steem for a new desktop but what I powered down so far had to go to new prescription glasses. Gotta do what you gotta do! Right!? ☺ I'll get there soon though, hard work is the way!!

Let me know what you decide to build. I generally build my own PC's (sorry never a Mac guy).

I am using a Ryzen 7 1800x 64gb memory water cooled. Here's a picture:


Your killing me over here haha, looks pretty sweet. I used to be a Mac guy few years back. I built computers for other people but I never built my own. I'm on a very tight budget but whenever I get around to it it'll probably be a mid tower build. A budget pc these days can still do some pretty intense stuff. I don't know much about Ryzen over Intel, benchmarks are pretty neck and neck accross the board. Ryzen seems cheaper, there really good in your opinion? What graphics card yiu running? Gtx of some sort?

Good post!
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Thanks for sending this!

Hi Daniel, thats a really nice idea of you. Here is my cat called Susi, maybe this picture fits :) would be nice to have her in front of some pyramids ;)


upvoted and resteemed for that cool idea, greets from austria

I think I can work with this, a little underexposed and slightly blurry. Is her feet completely black and how about the tip of her tail, is it all black or does she have white on the tail?

It should be good so your the first :) Egypt she goes. Thanks for the resteem. I'm expecting to get a few of these pretty quickly. Your portrait should be done by the weekend.

great, i´m looking forward to it :)

tip of the tail is white and the feet are white also, here i´ve got another one


Perfect. thanks!


Here you go @raorac

Susi in Egypt, in front of the pyramids.. I hope you like it!

The high resolution download is here: Download here

As you can see I had to brighten and add detail to Susi. If I had a clearer picture I could see her characteristics more. It would look a bit sharper.

many thanks Daniel, looks perfect for me and i love it. Will try to make a poster out of it and this will get a god place in our house. Thank´s a lot. Will write a post in my blog about your blog and your work.

Glad you like it! I will be creating a post too with the artwork. I'll include your username and a small write-up. I think we can all help each others blog by doing this type of work. I feel it helps build on the network that Steemit is. I appreciate you creating a post too. Send me a picture of the framed art when it's done. Cheers!

Excelente post, muy interesante tu arte. Gracias por compartir.

Gracias por tus comentarios. Aprecio esta comunidad y gente como tú!

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Cats often overract to unexpected stimuli because of their extremely sensitive nervous system.

My cat is a nervous wreck. Thanks for clarifying.

Female felines are \superfecund

@danielwooddesign I have a pet cat...
Here it is :


Hello @prince121 too small. Need a larger image. Thanks.

This post has received gratitude of 11.79% from @appreciator courtesy of @danielwooddesign!

your photo collection is so nice

Please send me at least a couple of pictures of your pet. It's name. So I can confirm it's yours.

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