Free Banner Designs for Steemit Blog Header, Masthead by @danielwooddesign

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This project is part of my "Make Steemit a beautiful place".

A professional banner design can help your success on Steemit. Increase followers.

Steemit is about quality content, this doesn't exclude the banner that you choose for your blog page. You spend a lot of time creating the perfect blog post. Your Steemit banner should look great.

These are a few starter examples "free to use". See my "Custom" title below if you would like a banner tailored to your Blog. You will notice that each design is dark or darker in the center, this is to accommodate the white text of your blog.

I tested each of these designs. Please let me know if you have any problems in the comments below.












The above banners are free to use.
Simply right click on the banner and save to your computer.
or right click and view in new tab - copy link from address bar and paste into your profile.
Should look similar to this:


If you are interested in a custom banner for your Steemit blog, please send 1 SBD or STEEM to @danielwooddesign, in the transfer memo please include your request.

@danielwooddesign & EL Gato



I appreciate your comments, suggestions - Daniel

great idea! reminds me of the early days of Myspace where designers would custom design Myspace profile pages. Nice work btw!

Fortunately there's a nice space we have to add a banner. I see a lot of blog pages on Steemit that need help with this. Especially the new ones coming in. Thank you @thewayiseeit

your welcome. i will resteem this for you. i would love to do the same for marketing coaching sessions and possibly web design. have you looked into the various steem shops online?

Very nice art.thanks for shsaring this art.I apprecite your blog...

Your welcome, thank you. @sujonmia

Very nice
I will save it all

Thanks, If anyone has problems uploading to your Blog. Just rename the files. example "banner.jpg"

great idea sir

Thank you. I hope to see these used at some point.

please upvote me

great banner sir :).

Thank you much, ill be following you for more and hopefully i can update my profile regularly ! :) much appreciated

There will be lots more coming down the pipe.

Glad you found one you liked.

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Upvoted thank you for sharing your art with us.

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