SKULL DRAWING (step-by-step)

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Hello everybody,

I'd like to share a new skull drawing that I just finished today. 

It's done with ballpoint on paper, no pencil at all this time and no digital retouch (as always).

It has been a couple of fun and productive weeks for me lately, getting back to the drawing table, revisiting my old works and working on new stuff. Also (and finally) I am re-activating my instagram account which has been dead for such a long time. I am trying to post new and old works there and laying out many parts of my portfolio that are important to me and showcase the different stages of my career as an artist. 

I really enjoy this "multi media thing" now which I never really did before in my life. 

But then I met Lars Kommienezuspadt this year and many things have changed.

His photography has been such an important trigger to me and one of the biggest inspirations to my art life. Not only for our plans to collaborate in the very near future but also that he "forced" me to join Steemit. 

When he showed me Steemit and tried to explain how everything works, what to do, how to upload, I totally thought "Dude, never in my life will you see me posting anything here..." . And not because I didn't like it but because I was never really active online or used social media networks for my works on a regular basis. 

Anyway, big thanks Lars for all the inspiration and help along the way! 

But here is what you came for... new art.

Like I wrote in one of my previous posts I love to draw skulls when I'm not drawing women.

I love to use different tools like ballpoint instead of pencils, drawing much quicker than in my realistic works and playing more with graphic aspects.

Technically, it is hard to explain how I did this one. 

I would say it is 50% experience of many years working as an inker and 50% "spontaneous" drawing.

All this cross hatching and these thousands of lines are combined with a certain work flow I am putting into the drawing.

It all evolves from step-by-step, line after line.

The drawing is literally made out of a thousand lines and so many layers where everything blends into each other at some point. 

And it's always fun because whenever I'm done with one of those ballpoint graphics I always want to go back to my pencil drawings. 

And that's exactly what I'm about to do now.

Enjoy the skull.


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Now this is amazing. I can't believe the detail in this! I followed you on Instagram, can't wait to see more of your artwork on there!

Thanks a lot @missaudi ! Great to hear that you like this piece. I'll post new (and old) work here and on Instagram very soon. Thanks for following ;)

awesome work! I love the green color, it makes it pop!

Thank you @azbeen ! Great that you like it!

Very nice work,... !

Thanks @madmilo !!

Simply mind blowing! Thank you for sharing the progress! very inspiring technique!

Thanks a lot @ankapolo !! I think I'll be posting more of these here in the future.

wow nice drawing looks time consuming do you draw each of those cross lines free hand or use a ruler Im not great at drawing but it looks badass

Thanks a lot @isteemithard ! All the line are free hand and the fun thing is those drawings are done WAY quicker than my pencil drawings! :)