I wrote a picture that glows at night! in real life it's just space! And in the night space 😍

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This is my new job, in real life it's just space! And in the night space  😍 

The size of the canvas is 90x70 cm.  

It doesn’t matter how long I have been an artist, how much I have been painting and what kind of pictures. You either like me or not. There are people who are engaged in creative work all their life and are not known even in their own city, but there are those who are becoming everyone's favorites at a breakneck pace. No matter how much you do your favorite thing, it is important how! And most importantly, what you put into it! The more you invest, the more you will return. Verified)


Sitting for each new picture, I always think, "Well, everything, I'll try another style. More smears, smears and large details "- the daub also looks cool. But starting to write I continue in my spirit, always ideally smooth transitions, as detailed as possible. Apparently as it went with school years, it remained. Maybe this is "my" that ...  

Material: acrylic

The picture with acrylic paints, in fact, is painted with plastic. Working with them a bit like working with watercolor, but when drying they become waterproof. 

Acrylic colors are universal - they do not exaggerate, they provide hundreds of possibilities. The only restriction in their use is the limits of your imagination.   

Squeeze a small amount of acrylic paint at a time. Do not be too zealous - work exactly with the amount of paint that you need. You can buy a wet palette that will help keep the moisture in the paints. To such palettes, as a rule, an absorbent paper (lying below) and parchment paper (lying on top) are attached. The absorbent paper is slightly wetted in water, and parchment paper is placed on top of the palette.  

Mixing acrylic paints is fun and exciting, but at times difficult work. A little patience and more practice - and you will start to mix the colors very quickly.

Distribute the paint with the edge of the brush. Use only the tip of the brush, otherwise it will scratch the paint, and not evenly distribute it.  

To blend the two colors, wipe the brush and move the colors to each other until they begin to mix. Sometimes you have to dilute the paint so that they mix evenly and evenly, and sometimes you will need to mix them worse, and the effect is less noticeable.  

With the advent of acrylic paints, the world of painting saw a new reality. Acryle quickly gained popularity in various fields: painting, interior design, beauty. Acrylic paints are made on a water basis and do not require special diluents. Colors do not turn yellow and do not cause allergies. They simultaneously have the properties of watercolor and oil. 

Like any other method, acrylic has its own characteristics.

When working with acrylic, you can use different methods and successfully combine them in one picture. In general, a painted picture with acrylic paints can be indistinguishable from watercolor or oil painting. It also happens that a certain picture has its unique unique color rendition, which is practically impossible to reproduce in other ways.  

Acrylic paints are made on a water basis and do not require special diluents. Colors do not turn yellow and do not cause allergies. They simultaneously have the properties of watercolor and oil.If you are not a professional artist, you are unlikely to understand what kind of material I use to write my photos.

Most often I draw oil paintings, but the last time I started to paint acrylic. In addition, I had a job, these were portraits, which I painted with watercolor on the technique of a dry brush.    

I am writing my photos

Why the image is written and not drawn, despite the fact that the image is still drawn, like a picture.

There are two ways to understand this question, and it is better to involve both: turn to etymological dictionaries and pay attention to the extralinguistic area of ​​knowledge, that is, to extralinguistic. Since the language reflects the real reality, the answers to many linguistic questions are outside the dictionaries and reference books. 

So, first turn to the etymology of words to draw and write.In 1705 the word "drawing" was mentioned for the first time, it happened through the Polish language. rysunek - from rysować "draw" with the ending, and from there (mid-high German) rîʒen (old high German) rîʒʒan, akin to the English letter "writing". 

The true talent of the artist is manifested in his works on the uniqueness and recognizability of many other canvases. The great author is individual, and no one can change his original style, even he himself. The artist's soul never calms down and is not satisfied. Each new picture is his new life and a new world.  

How many beautiful and unique things around us. Not everyone can express their feelings and emotions in words, contemplating the most wonderful landscapes of nature. Only a few people are endowed with great creative talent to glorify the amazing beauty of the surrounding world in the imperishable works of prose and poetry. 

It is not surprising that people live in wise words: "It is better to see once than hear a hundred times." Therefore, the Almighty gave people the gift of painting. Look at the hand of the artist. She paints confidently and firmly, if she is headed by someone invisible and inaccessible, but who has learned the secret of the world.  At certain angles of overflow.

With his art, the artist tries to open the veil of the universe for us, so at least a little closer to unraveling his great mystery. 

There are very few left. Today I made the buildings and worked on the layer that shines at night. A little more and the picture will be ready. It remains 2%. I hope that I can share with you the finished picture tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to when I finish this picture. In general, I want to keep this picture for myself. But if someone really very much wants himself, then I will create another, and this will build a new home for myself.

It's me doing so the stars  😂😂 brush splatter   

I make the night version) so she's very beautiful going out 😍😍😍

An image that shines at night. To create this photo, I needed canvases, acrylic and fluorescent colors. With a good "charge", the luminescence duration can reach 18 hours with a gradual decay after the charging by the light continues to glow, and such cycles are endless! Resource luminescence of paint / paint / pigment is at least 50 years. One layer will dry for at least 30 minutes. At the final stage, I will finish everything in the dark, correct the glow so that everything is smooth, uniform, clear.   


The most important background, this must be done first, and whatever you want to depict, and do not detail anything, do not touch the "main" object. For such paintings, mainly acrylic paints are used. And the brush, the better, the better.

Luminous layer

Light layer. I use the varnish prof. Line, it has a longer glow. No color pigments, which are used in paints, on the surface is absolutely not visible. For example, an image can be one color scheme, and the glow is completely different.    

Pictures shine 18 hours a day. 50 years.

With a good "charge", the luminescence can last up to 18 hours, with a gradual decay, after charging with light, the glow continues and there are infinitely many of them! Resource luminescence of paint / paint / pigment is not less than 50 years. Pigment is not flammable, not toxic, after drying it is not washed off, it is not afraid of heat and cold ...  

Apply varnish / paint in several layers. Frankly, I make them about 30 ... 

One layer dries for at least 30 minutes ☝ 

At the final stage, I finish everything in the dark, correct the glow, so that everything is smooth, uniform, clear

By the way, I tried both paints and varnishes and bought even a single pigment (glowing powder) and planted everything myself. Producers tried different, many imported ... ordered a lot ...    

If you look good then you can find any paint:  Blue / blue, green, lilac, turquoise, yellow ...

White / blue, green, lilac, pink, purple, red, turquoise, yellow ...Green / Green, Blue, etc.Pink / orange lilac ...Yellow / Yellow, Green ...Lilac / Blue, Lilac, Turquoise, Pink ...

Varnishes: Colorless / blue, green, turquoise, yellow, orange, pink, purple, red ...  

Powder varieties at times even more. Separate in the Professional series, Economy, for fabric, flowers, etc.

+ All pigments may be different duration svecheniya🤷♀️  

After applying all the luminous layers, you can proceed to the image itself, the foreground. 

The artist's inspiration rests on a canvas with majestic paintings of the past, present and future. Many of them remained unknown, giving the world brilliant masterpieces. We know many names and admire our unrivaled talents.

When I write pictures, I feel crazy. The only difference between me and the madman is that I'm not crazy.S.Dali   

I paint pictures with love ❤

Thank you all for voting! Each of your voices is very important to me! I dedicated my life to painting and a little travel. Thank you all for your support! 

Sincerely, Kristina!   

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