Curie Author Showcase (June 12, 2019)

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Images property of @aalagenesis

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Featured Author: @djacbaweur
The talking - step by step

Images property of @djacbaweur

There is a certain magic when it comes to art you can evoke moments, landscapes and scenes with your creativity but is even more magical when you can see the art take form in front of your eyes, that is what @djacbaweur did in his post where he documented the step-by-step process of his creative work,a piece called The Talking where two of his characters converse inside a room full of life and personality!

Images property of @djacbaweur

An indoor scene, maybe the longest kind to draw: details, characters, different perspectives, complex shadows everywhere... Stop it! ^^ Lijdel and Bran are sitting, having a very important talking for the next events to come. It takes place in a house in the middle of the countryside, Bran's house, so of course to show that, I chose to draw wood everywhere, which I also like the texture. - @djacbaweur

A steemian hailing from Paris, France with almost a year in the platform, a talented personality who can play the viola, compose music draw and share stories with everyone, the main focus of his blog goes to the series The Great Gardens of the God of Worlds where he draws a tells an original and engaging story in a fantastical but believable world!!!

If you want to check out @djacbaweur's most recent post here you have The Great Gardens of the God of Worlds - 15

Featured Author: @sustainablyyours
Trifolium repens and The Luck of The Irish

Images property of @sustainablyyours

SCIENCE! You can find science everywhere, you can even find it in your garden and this 1 in a 10000 post from @sustainablyyours you'll find everything you'll ever need to know about Trifolium repens you know the Lucky Clover, with the help of this really well-researched article you'll find out if you could eat it, OR IF YOU SHOULD and how hard it is to find the legendary four-leaf clover, but don't let this stop you, go try your luck!

Images property of @sustainablyyours

You may not realize it, but clover is one of the coolest plants in the yard. All plants require nitrogen in order to produce amino acids and chlorophyll, and most have to get their nitrogen from the soil. Clover is special in that regard, because it is a nitrogen fixing plant. Nitrogen fixers develop a special symbiotic relationship with bacteria from the genus Rhizobium. The bacteria infect the roots of the plant where it is able to begin drawing nitrogen from the air. Some of the nitrogen can then be used by the plant, and the excess is stored in little nodules on the plant’s roots. Later, when the plant dies, it releases that stored nitrogen back into the soil. This ability makes clover (especially the winter-hardy red clover) an excellent choice for an off-season cover crop in the garden or pasture. - @sustainablyyours

This steemian joined our ranks in June of 2017, a science teacher with a knack for nature photography and homesteading he has devoted his blog to document the progress of his garden, plants and family and at the same time unveiling the science behind every detail on his life as a homesteader, gardener, photographer and father!

If you want to check out @sustainablyyours' most recent post here you have My Daughter Caught Her First Fish!

Featured Author: @aalagenesis
The Last Dragon on Earth: Painting

Images property of @aalagenesis

Sometimes art can be a great undertaking, the piece we'll see next took @aalagenesis almost a year of her life to finish, she was commissioned to do this artwork by someone kind and selfless so she picked the dragonfly as her subject which as spirit animal represents someone who gives light, so she armed herself with paint and canvas and a lot of patience, to give life to parade of colors called The Last Dragon on Earth, yeah #AllDragonsAreAwesome

Images property of @aalagenesis

It is one of the paintings I made for a long time. The work in progress almost took one year. Motivation and idea were scarce for me, and a lot of pressure and side quest awaited me at that time. And I really wanted to finish it. Thank goodness, I finally got time to finish this beast. - @aalagenesis

An outstanding Filipina artists, engineer, photographer and illustrator joined our platform in July of 2017, she's been pouring all of her talents into her blog, flooding it with amazing pieces of art, photographies, illustrations and some casual post here and there, the amount of talent of this girl is unbelievable, I'm sure you will not get tired of looking at her blog!

If you want to check out @aalagenesis' most recent post here you have Leaves Watercolor

Featured Author: @pranoyblixter
Jamming With My Favourite Musician | TRACK - MULTIVERSE

Images property of @pranoyblixter

Almost every musician dreams to be in a band and some of them want to be a one-man-band, here with a little help of modern technology @pranoyblixter achieved to be a one-man-duet when he started to jam with himself in a duo of drums and keyboard, giving us a piece full of funk electronic vibes!

Images property of @pranoyblixter

An independent artists, drummer and producer hailing from India who made a little place in Steemit in January on 2018, his blog is centered on showing us not only his artistic talents but to teach us a little bit of the business as well as the art of being a drummer and musician, with a professional tone and amazing quality in video and sound!

If you want to check out @pranoyblixter's most recent post here you have A PLACE TO SHOOT MUSIC VIDEOS IN INDIA

Featured Author: @goat-girlz
Adventures in goatkeeping

Images property of @goat-girlz

Goat keeping can be a total rollercoaster of emotions if one of your goats is about to take part on the miracle of life, @goat-girlz wrote this post to tell us the story of Lucy one of the goats of her friend Tracy, this goat was about to become a mommy but required a little bit of help of her human midwives, this post has all the emotions you could expect from a post about goat giving birth and more!

Images property of @goat-girlz

I was all set to do a post yesterday. I clipped some blackberry vines so the goats have access to more snacks, and then went to deliver some milk. While I was there, I got a call from my best friend, saying her hugely pregnant goat had gone into labor. I dropped everything and drove over there as fast as I could. I am a birth junkie, and I never miss one if I can help it. When I got there, all the goats, including the one in labor, were out grazing in the back pasture. - @goat-girlz

This steemian hailing from Oregon has been posting since she joined the platform in July 2018, and I kid you not this whole blog is dedicated to goats, this is a sanctum for all kind of stories this natural weed control creatures could fabricate with their doings and un-doings, if you love goat just a little bit you will follow this blog immediately!

If you want to check out @goat-girlz's most recent post here you have First Blood, a Monday Red story

This Curie Author Showcase was written by Curie Curator @elfranz (Franz) at times with input from other Curie curators and reviewers. All images and quoted texts are the copyright of their respective authors.

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