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Featured Author: @jessestlouis
Do THIS and Be HAPPY - 2018 Adventure Travel Highlights

Video property of @jessestlouis

Let us start this showcase with this amazing compilation of the wonderful travels @jessestlouis has done this year that's about to end. He showed us how cool a frequent adventurer's life can be by showing us stunning shoots that range from torrential waterfalls as Costa Rica's Catarata del Toro to frightening canyons as Anza Borrego that may show you how brave and intrepid this "infamous" adventurer can be.

The author himself described 2018 as "the best year he has ever lived", but adventure always has its price, and @jessestlouis knows it so well, that is why in this video he also showed us some of the wounds and scars his 2018 full of adventures has left... But do not be afraid, that is part of the fun of this as he stated:

"The past year has been my best year ever! I hope my adventure travel highlights inspire you to get out there and seek out adventure for yourself. I was lucky enough travel to some amazing places, meet some other awesome adventurers and truly experience gratitude. From adrenaline-pumping cliff jumps and natural water slides to seeing exotic wildlife up close and personal, my days were filled with the essence of life. You can do all of these things too! You don't have to travel far to find adventure. There's plenty to do right in your own backyard! There is no time like the present. So get out there, find YOUR adventure and be infamous!"

It is quite obvious that @jessestlouis has this sort of weakness or connection with water, that you may even think this is actually his natural element somehow. I do not know if that is true at all, but what we can really see so crystal clear is that he loves to spend a lot of time swimming through these shallow waters we can just imagine, he truly is an inveterate adventurer, and that is why he dares us to venture as we have never done before, and that way, finally, make all our most wished adventures come true.

Enjoy this compilation of wonderful travels: "Do THIS and Be HAPPY - 2018 Adventure Travel Highlights"

Featured Author: @ladybug146
Santa's Gold&Silverporn: What's in the candy bowl? (+photo tricks)

Image property of @ladybug146.

Have you ever thought about the complexity behind photographing coins? This @ladybug146's post proven to us that it isn't as simple as it seems, but if we take her advice, maybe we might last the day!

"Many people hate photographing coins because of the reflections and too much glare but there are a few tricks to eliminate these issues and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share a few tips. It's all about light manipulation."

Light manipulation, yes! I guess some of us had not even thought about it, had we? Well, it seems like @ladybug146 already knew it so well even before thinking of doing it, and she certainly was ready for it! After reading such helpful tricks and tips from this in-depth guide, I have come to realize that we should always keep in mind that precious metals, like coins, are so shiny that every aspect of its immediate environment might affect the photography itself. @ladybug146 exhorts us to pay attention to every little thing around the place we've personally chosen to take the coin photos, even the things you may think that are not that significant at all (like the color of the walls) might actually affect the picture somehow.

Note, the color of walls affect the lighting as well, I use my kitchen because the walls are a slight off-white and it reflects fairly neutral light for a clean shot. Colored walls change the tone of the light, hard to explain, but long story short, the colors of your background can also be used to your advantage when trying to display different moods.

It might sound a bit complicated to you, but do not be afraid, as I said, if you just take @ladybug146's advice and then follow her intuitive steps, I am sure you will be able to take gorgeous coin photos like the ones she posted.

Learn one or two things from @ladybug146's remarkable expertise.

Featured Author: @nesni996
A new drawing- drawing of roses

Image property of @nesni996

This is an excellent oil canvas, yes, as I said: "excellent"; I definitely could not find another word that describes it better. @nesni996 has just proven her expertise as an artist. She used a technique that isn't easy at all, but she managed to deliver one of her finest artworks so far. When I thought she has reached her artistic peak with Sea Time, little did I know she was making something even better. I strongly believe that she has potential both as an artist and as a creative mind.

She also wrote such a good explanation full of helpful tips and intuitive steps. She is not just an artist, she really has the know-how and the expertise to teach us many things about painting, drawing, and art in general. So this is a user that all these art lovers should keep an eye on. Her posts are strongly recommended and highly appreciated because you might learn one or two things from most of them.

She is a girl from Serbia that has learned all by herself, she is an autodidact that really has a passion for what she is doing. Get to know this promising artist:

"My name is Nevena. I am from Serbia (Cacak) and I'm 21 years old. My hobby is painting. I am painting about 15 years and that's what I like. I didn't go to any classes for painting or had a teacher for that. I learned by myself." - @nesni996's intro.

Contemplate this excellent arwork from @nesni996

Featured Author: @chaifm
Unofficial entry steemit open mic 117 : Better Days

Video property of @chaifm

Get immersed in such chilling and mellifluous melodies of this song composed by @chaifm. She is a free soul who is willing to express her vivid message through the fantastic music she is currently making for her upcoming EP. This one is the first song from that very EP that has been released, and she gave us the exclusive here on the platform, we could listen to a snippet of how her upcoming album might sound, and let me say if this is how her songs will sound, then we will surely be in front of a promising work from her part.

As I said, she seems to canalize all these vibes of a free soul who's living so far away from all those worldly noises, that's what she conveys while dancing right in front such mystic mountains, she transmits so much passion while dancing on her own, and she seems to be connected with nature itself. This post is not only about her many musical talents, if you take a deep look, then sooner than you think, you will notice that this is also about the freedom we all should embrace instead of suppressing it, and the authenticity she showed as an artist herself has proven that a minimalistic audiovisual product can be even more meaningful than some conspicuous super productions.

Listen to @chaifm's amazing song

Featured Author: @brundlethwaite
Modeling Scale Character

Developing a game must not be an easy task; in fact, it must be such a long process that may need a lot of patience, effort and not less important: passion and talent. Also needed is the help from a team full of fellows with these affined interests. I think @brundlethwaite has a lot to say about it because he is developing a sort of video game and seems to be in the designing process (one of the most complicated processes if I'm not mistaken), he's creating these characters based on what he has conceived as the storyline of the game.

Let's say this is such an incredible display of skills in three-dimensional modeling, accompanied by a fairly explicit explanation of the entire process. He's not just another digital artist, he's an author who truly knows about character 3D modeling and he's also a powerful creative mind who's making something that seems to be so interesting. It is always good to find these promising authors that are willing to make something that really could turn the tables, and @brundlethwaite is probably one of them.

Video property of @brundlethwaite

See how @brundlethwaite showed his 3D modeling remarkable skills

This Curie Author Showcase was written by Curie Curator @jhnmunoz (Johanna Muñoz) at times with input from other Curie curators and reviewers. All images and quoted texts are the copyright of their respective authors.

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So much creative artistic kewlness and top adventure Jesse! Slick video and thanks @curie for and all the great support and i hope you all have a safe a kewl new year! Cheers :)

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