What I Love about Needlework Monday!

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This week, we're going to lay it all out there and share the love about our fabulous crafting group!

Working Alone is Sad

Well first of all, you all know that I don't knit, I don't crochet like @girlbeforemirror, I have never even heard of "felting" until I met you guys, and I surely cannot make my own clothes like @lizgore and @tali72, or cool quilts like @mtnmeadowmomma. Yet, this group makes me feel included. I'm a part of a community even though I'm just a stray cat lampmaker.

Working Together is Fun!

With the #NeedleworkMonday crew, I get positive feedback, encouragement, friendship, and visibility to the most amazing and diverse group of needleworkers that I have ever seen. I feel like I'm looking into your windows at night when I see each step of your processes, and then the finished product. You are sharing your gifts with me, and I'm honored to play with you!

Staying Calm with @phoenixwren

More than once--okay nearly every time--that I have a massive beading project for a lamp, I get out on "The Beading Ledge". This is the part where I lose my shit, get hissy, and try to give up. Dearest @phoenixwren gave this state of mind a name, and in doing so, she helps me to realize that it is only a temporary condition and I'm not the only person who feels this way. Just knowing this allows me to recognize when I have gone too far out on the ledge, and I can make a choice to crawl back into the window. (What's with me and windows today?!?) Thank you, @phoenixwren, for helping me own my ledge!

In a State of Wonder about @wondermaey

You blow my mind, @wondermaey. Every week I see the creations that you make, seemingly out of thin air, and I cannot help but be amazed by you.
The colors, patterns, fabrics and styles you produce are absolutely beautiful. Your talent and cultural pride show in every piece you make. I remember when I first met you! You were new to Steemit and trying to figure out how all this crazy #NeedleworkMonday stuff worked. Now look at you..you're a Pro! You inspire me to one day put down the lamps an really learn how to sew.

Top Five Reasons to Join #NeedleworkMonday

  1. You like to stab things, and we do too!
  2. We have a mascot. Dax approves.
  3. @cryptocariad will miss you if you don't post for awhile, @neumannsalva will make you laugh, @apanamamama will teach you a better way to live and @jamethiel can knit and geocache at the same time--with beer! And I think @horazwiwik is giving gifts these days! Oh, and everything @innahandmade does is adorable, and you will want to adopt @inna-yatsuk as a new sister because she is so freaking cute. Plus, @crosheille is always there to show you what true engagement looks like. I could go on forever naming everyone but it's easier if you just join!
  4. You will learn something, I guarantee it.
  5. There is no stranger danger or hidden agenda. We all spend what little precious free time we have giving each other encouragement, friendship and support every single week. Need some? We are here for you.

Oh, and Here's a Lamp I Kinda Made

Okay, I just decorated it. I got a little sassy with a plain Ikea hanging lamp. Black on black with ostrich feathers, old-school cotton lace, and fringe. Check out those steel-cut authentic Victorian antique buttons! Woot. I'm hoping the steamy punks at the Steampunk festival in June will like it. More to come.

This post is approved by HypnoKitty Dax. Her eyes are like a window into...oh for heaven's sake! Enough with the windows.

Happy #NeedleworkMonday, everyone!

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All images © @crystalize. Made with Windows 10. (Hee..snort!)


LOL! I'm honored to get a mention. Do I need to ask Dax to hypnotise you in from the ledge? 😸

No ledge for me today! I'm being a lazy bum watching movies. Hee!

A very well written post. I feel honored to be mentioned. I have to say thank you because probably you did not remember, but it was you who invited me to join this WOWsome community :D

I'm so glad you are here @horrazwiwik!

It is definitely my pleasure :)

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I love how you worked everybody into this post! It was fun to read. Stabbing things...hahaha! It's true!

Nicely written with all HypnoKitty Dax approved! 😻

We will get you knitting someday! Maybe. If you need another hobby... 😁
Thank you for the mention! Love the black on black lamp, it looks great!
Hi Dax!

Thank you @ jamiethiel. It was fun to write!

I always enjoy reading your posts when I find them! Those furry balls of fluff though! I'm sure you enjoy your cat fur decorating everything in the house, like I do. :-)

Yeah, @amberyooper..I'm on my 3rd vacuum cleaner! Gah, that cat hair!!!!

Oh wooow, what a 'window' of opportunities opened to needleworkers because of a platform you co chair!😁
I love how Dax describes the emotions that you feel, I see acting skills brewing up! Plus didn't know you had more than one cat tho , I hope I haven't been calling the wrong one Dax sometimes, they look a bit alike. Again with those pretty lamp of yours that I always like. Thank you so much for the mention and your picture with the knives is so samurai!

Your lampshade is amazing and looks like it takes lot of time to do! I am new to this community, but I truly and honestly love to see other people's handmade items!

hee hee hee Dax funny! :))) by the way, I see two cats in the photo! :)

That's right @tali72, you DO see tow cats in the photo. The grey one is "Mae", and she is Dax's sister. She is very camera shy!!

lovely written post) ❤️

Thank you so much @amigurimi! Hee!

😆 Sure thing @crystalize !! Dax's hypnotic eyes are so funny 😆
I always learn new things in this group and inspiration sparks off crafters ...

It sure does, @cryptocariad! Smiling.

Haaaa! I just adore you! I had so much fun reading your post! I love all of the people you mentioned and couldn’t agree more about each one of them! I love that you bring something different and unique to this community, you’re not a stray cat at all!

I love how you said we are all spending the little free time we have supporting each other. That’s so true because time goes way too fast and most of us don’t have a lot of free time.

LOL!! I Love it! Dax as our mascot!!! 😂😍😘

Oh and that lamp is GUUUAGOUS!!!

It was a fun post to write, and I thank you for the great idea, @crosheille! It is prretty funny to think of a cat as a mascot for needlework projects. LOL!

Absolutely!! Lol it is funny but soooo cute!!! Everyone loves Dax!!! 😍

Yea! Thanks for the mention! I just love following along with all of your lamps and your kitty! :) Meow! I love the group we have here and it's definitely one of my favorite days on Steemit. I'm glad to have been able to have learned more about each of the people I follow through Needlework Monday!

How nice it is to get someone to support you when you do the ones you like. Thanks for your support.

Your work of resaturation is a beautiful job, bring a piece to look beautiful, it is admirable.

A big greeting and blessings to your life

Thank you @jicrochet! What wonderful compliments! Blessing to you, too, my dear!

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