Happy #NeedleworkMonday, Everyone!

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This week I'm struggling to get my beads in order, but I'm happy to share my solid victories and agonizing defeats with you.

Current Project

But check out this AMAZING antique lamp base I found!! Woot. I think it fits this shade perfectly, and once I get a good 3 to 4 inch bead set on this beauty, it will be perfect! I do, however, still need to get this lamp rewired and set-up with an antique bronze colored socket and a new cord.

So I waited, and waited, and waited for the antique beads to arrive from Belgium...and they finally arrived. They are SO PRETTY and I am completely heartbroken that the strand is not long enough for this shade. Here they are, pinned on. While there are 89 strands, they are closer together than 1 cm, and I need 88 cm. As strung, they left 25% of the shade uncovered. Looks like I have to start from scratch designing a bead strand. Oh well, I can do it!

Marketing is Hard!

So I don't have much else to report this week other than ordering beads and trying to get ready for my table at the Victorian Festival in Port Townsend on March 23 & 24. My first festival "booth".

On another note, I have been working hard at marketing. I hear that artists do not spend enough time and energy marketing their products---and I can see why. It's not fun, it's expensive and I'd rather make lamps! But I bit the bullet and did some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on my website and other magical social media. I even paid the "Google Monster" for some keyword ads.

Considering this, MAY I PLEASE ASK A FAVOR OF YOU? I hate to admit it, but Facebook seems to be the biggest referral source to my website. Gah..Nooo! I will only do this once, but I really need your help. Will you pretty please "like" my Facebook page? I need to have a ton of followers on this darned thing if I am going to look legitimate. A million thank yous, and I promise you won't get email from me.

But What About Dax?

It simply would not be #NeedleworkMonday without a picture of Dax. Here she is, hiding in her "kitty pod" (which is filled with catnip) ready to strike at a moments notice Funny kitty!

Have a great week!

Happy #NeedleworkMonday, everyone!

All images © @crytalize.


I liked your page! Your bead work is so lovely :) I really enjoy the photos with all the shimmering and sparkling colors of them!

Thank you very, very, very much for doing that @mtnmeadowmomma! I really appreciate it. :-) And I'm gld you like the sparkles!!

Hello to Dax! Great find on that lamp base and THANK YOU for linking to your fb page. I enjoyed looking through your albums and getting ideas. If I ever make a lampshade with DnD dice beads for our spare room, my husband will blame you. :) Too bad the kind of dice I want are expensive... I'm going to have to save up for a while.

You are cracking me up with the visual of a lamp with DnD die! I just saw those last weekend at ComiCon (which was unhooked, by the way). Thanks so very much for checking out the FB page. I swear, if you don't pay those heartless bstards, you never get any attention. I'm going grass roots at this point. Dax say hi back to you, @jamethiel!

liking on facebook - check! You have such beautiful lamps, I hope your audiance grows fast, so that everyone can see and buy them. Also your website is lovely, so many beautiful lamps.
I understand your struggle with marketing, but have to admit, I am a total zero in marketing (your shop looks on the contrary very professional).
I cross my fingers that your booth will be successful and you have nice (and wealthy) customers. 💕💕

Thank you very very much for doing that, @newumannsalva! I really appreciate it. I really like Squarespace as a site host..they have some fantastic templates that look very professional. Fingers crossed for a sale or two at the show!!

The Victorian Fair sounds exciting, love to hear all about it. Marketing is a challenge, but it gets easier and the lamps are beautiful, so tempting. Shame about the beads, that can be so frustrating. That little cat!

Thanks, @shanibeer! Yes, I'll be blogging about the Victorian Festival after it is over, the lamps are snuggled back in the studio and I can wear normal clothing again. LOL. I'm very glad to hear that marketing gets easier! I'll just keep at it and see what happens in this scary and confusing new territory. I think I'll make a little necklace for the cat with those dang beads. Hah!

You have to be in costume as well? 😳

I do! I bought two skirts, two jackets and two Victorian necklaces so I have enough clothes for each day of the Festival. They are sticklers and so you can't just "wing" it. What a hoot. I simply cannot say how long I will survive in a corset. This will be interesting!

I'm laughing - the blog post will be interesting. You'll also get some great pictures (and exposure) for your marketing.

You are a very detailed oriented, @cyrstalize! Working with beads is not easy, only super patient people can do it. Your lamps are so adorable! You are very talented. I have liked your Fb fanpage, by the way. And I totally agree with you, marketing is hard because I am feeling the same :D

We will share the pain, @horazwiwik! Thanks so much for the support on that other goofy platform. Why it gets so much attention, I will never know. I really appreciate your kind comments and encouragement. Thank you!

Dear friend! Next time also use #artzone and follow @artzone to get an upvote on your quality posts!

Well I will do exactly that! Thank you for your visit and inclusion. Followed!

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I really enjoyed reading your post @crystalize ... That lamp comes alive when the light goes on.
I am looking forward to seeing photos of that show and of Dax your lovely cat :)

Wow... Nice art work
Kudos @crystalize

Thanks for the visit @emmaculate!

Good Luck with the festival! I liked your fb page. Hope it helps!

Thank you so much for doing that, @violetmed. I really appreciate the support!!!!!

I want to make my cats one of the kitty pods!! Love the base and the strands...too bad it didn't work out! That is a great lamp! I liked your FB page and will share it. :) Always nice to promote some good artisans out there.

Thanks so much for the support on the "page". I really appreciate it! If you decide to make kitty pods, be sure to charge $60 for them! That is what I paid, and kitty LOVES it. Here's the link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KG1RU0U/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Wow! I thought they looked like wool! I bet the cats would love it. Most of the time I find one of our cats laid out on my bed on top of a quilt I have on there. Ha. If I bought them something, they'd never use it. Lol

That was my experience at first. But after I dumped a ton of catnip in there...well...now they use it!

Your work is very beautiful, you put a lot of effort, it's much easier for me to embroider. You have a cat like mine.

Oh my goodness what a darling little kitty you have there @libriya!

Hi, crystalize! I really like your work and I'm happy to put you "like" on Facebook! I do not have the knowledge and experience in the selection of beads, as you have, but I like what the lamp looks like with the option that you did.

Thank you so much, @tali72! I really appreciate the support. It means a lot to me!

very beautiful unique and nice stuff, beautiful, thank you for sharing, @crystalize. 😊

WOW great find on that lamp base! The WIP looks great! But so sorry the beads didn't quite work out and you're back to The Beading Ledge. Good luck with your booth!
Facebook page "liked"! And hi, Dax! 😺 (purr, purr)

Ha ha haaaaah! Yes, it is the Beading Ledge again for me @phoenixwren! I sat at the kitchen table tonight grueling over a master strand for this one. So funny you said that! Dax is snoozing away in her kitty curl and won't get up until midnight, which is when she decides to make noise. Ahh the life of a cat.

Beautiful work! You must have incredible patience to do the beading you do.
Victorian festival in Port Townsend! Oooh, I will have to drive up for that next year!

That would be fantastic @redbone! If this goes well I might just rent a table next year, and I'd love to see you! It's funny that you mentioned patience as, I feel as though I don't have any at all, and lampmaking is her in my life to teach me about it.

That lampshade is so Beautiful and yes that base is Amazing!!! Those beads are so gorgeous! I’m so sad to hear they didn’t work out as expected. But I know you CAN do it and you WILL! You are definitely not a giver upper! 😘

I am so excited for you and this Victorian Festival! That’s going to be a really great experience for you! If I was still on FB I would like your page in a heartbeat but I have deactivated my account for good.

Lol that look on her face...she’s saying,

Really? You want to take a picture now while I’m resting?

LOL! Love it!!

Thanks so much @crosheille! I love the base and the way the shade is looking. Now, I wait for milk glass drop beads to come in the mail. Sounds like a crazy sentence but I think those beads are going to be the perfect touch.

No worries about the FB page. But it is public so feel free to peek at it if you ever get bored.

Agree, agree--the VicFest is going to be such a crazy experience! They make us dress up in Victorian clothing. It's required if you rent a space. Gah! I had to buy clothes...you're going to crack up when I post the pictures!

Wow milk glass milk beads...can’t wait to see what those look like!!

Okay awesome I’ll remember to peep in on the page since it’s public! 👌🏽

Oh my goodness! I really look forward to seeing these pics then!! I bet you look great in those clothes...I won’t laugh (I say as I’m 🤞🏽) Lol!!! 😄😁

Oh the clothes! Im dreading it. Ha haaaaa!


Well, we will wait for another masterpiece from you! Hahaha great picture with a cat)))).

These designs are so lovely, and all the mathematics you did to get your desired output, it shows you like precision. And Dax come on, don't be shy lol! I am so liking your page ASAP!

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