Antique Lamp Restoration Project Finished!

in #art5 years ago

I'm thrilled to share my latest completed lamp with you today. The bead work on this one was an epic undertaking and I think it turned out great!

Current Project - I Call it "The Rhone"

"The Rhone" includes gorgeous beaded and sequined French lace with a hint of silver gracing the lower panel, and an amazing antique metal lace in silver and burgundy on the top panel. The side panels are covered in new French beaded net with a sprawling floral pattern. Beneath the beautiful lace is hand-dyed silk charmeuse in a fade from amber to burgundy to brown. The shade is fully lined in a dark earth-tone. These colors are are also in the Steampunk color palette. Woot!

The Making Process

Here's the 'Napoleon style frame after I wrapped it up. I later realized that the bottom of the shade was going to be pretty dark in color, so I ended up over-wrapping the top and bottom rings in a nice burgundy.

I lined this one in tan so the color of the light would be a bit dark and moody. Hee!

I'm not exactly sure why, but my intent to obtain a fade from amber to caramel turned out great when hand-dyeing the side panels, and I instead got burgundy on the front panels. No worries! I can work with it. Here's the lamp with the silk sewn on.

Here we are after sewing a few lace panels on. The top panel features a burgundy antique lace with silver metal threads, and the remainder of the beaded and sequined laces are from my last trip to Paris. Meters and Euros, everyone! Yes, that is a cat hair, courtesy of Dax.

Next is being on the "bead ledge". Here's a shot of a few master strands I tried on the lamp. I think we all know how I feel about this. LOL!

The Finished Lamp

I think it turned out pretty good! I'm still on the fence about that top finial, but I'll look at it some more and see if I can get right with it.

The beads! Three thousand one hundred fifty pieces in total, of hand-strung Czech glass, metal and crystal beads. Notice how the metalwork on the center bead compliments the pattern on the beaded lace of the side panels? That was fun to do.

Here's a close-up of some pretty stuff. Heh.

Dax is So Freakin' Bored

It simply would not be #NeedleworkMonday without a picture of Dax. Here she is looking bored to death as she hangs her head off the speaker tower. It is springtime here and she wants nothing more than to go outside, which I simply will not allow. She is like a brooding teenager in this picture. Better get her some nip!

Have a great week!

Happy #NeedleworkMonday, everyone!

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All images © @crystalize.


I am always amazed with your patience working with beads! How long does it take you to finish restoring one lamp?

Well honestly I can't get enough of your pretty lampshades, they are each so uniquely done. I got my full share of views from your face book page tho. I hope you're able to sell quite a lot of them. By the way, of course Dax must have her photo taken , looking like a cat on a prowl lol!

Hi @wondermaey! Thanks so much for the FB follow. I need all the help I can get as I start out! I ahve many good shots of Dax during this current project. She is so funny. Thanks for this visit--nice to chat with you again.

I’d missed this one, glad I saw it. Beautiful work as always.

Hi @crystalize,

Your work is amazing! They look so intricately and beautifully sewn and put together. You combined sewing and beadwork into a lovely vintage masterpiece. Thank you for sharing. And I'm sure Dax Approves this! :)

Hi @marbley..yes, this is a completely "Dax Approved" project. I really need to get one of those guys in the Freelancers Guild to make me a logo for that. Thanks for the visit!

So much work for one lamp, so many pearls!!! I perhaps already said it, but you must be amazingly patient. I would perhaps have followed Dax lead and started to play with the pearls or just ate them :-D
Again, you have chosen a beautiful and warm colour combination. The shades of brown and violate harmonize very well.

Thanks so much @neumannsalva! I think I may have eaten a bead or two myself. I appreciate the kind compliments and the blog visit!

Oh my goodness! This is my first time seeing your work, and I am quite amazed! That is gorgeous!

Thanks so much @melinda010100! I appreciate the visit!

I've always admired your work. I can only wish inspiration in the future! I wonder what the next job will be?)). You have nice pussies in helpers))).

Hi @inna-yatsuk! Hint: Lots of white and pale, pale green gold metal! Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting!

I will wait for your post with a new product, @crystalize)).

Love this lamp! It is gorgeous!! You always do such amazing work!! You definitely have a talent!! :)

Thank you so much, Sweetie! You are very kind.

As always, I am in awe of your work.
Dax is like the #needleworkmonday mascot! She's famous! 😸

Hahahaha! @phonenixwren, you made my day. I'll have to consider getting a "Dax Approves" image made up for usage on NWM posts. LOL!

Ohmigosh yes. We need a Dax Approves image! 😃

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Beautiful work!! I think the finial is perfect! You should see what Dax thinks..LOL! Give him something to do. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, @fiberartists. I'm fussy about "perfect" matches and this one has me in Rodin's "Thinker"pose. LOL!

The colors are so subtle, this turned out great! The burgundy is a nice tone and the beads compliment it nicely. So many Beads to attach, no wonder Dax is bored watching you, but better to be watching than helping!

It really is better to have Dax watching than helping, @jamethiel! She loves to eat beads and I once caught her running down the hall with a completed strand in her mouth. It was hilarious! Thanks for the kind compliment!

I can totally see that! Lol!

That's really nice work on that lampshade!

Thanks so much @amberyooper! Hope all is well with you, my dear!

So beautiful and amazing! I love all of your lamps! Did you total up how many hours this lamp took?

Hi @violetmed! No, but this one was fast to make, in terms of the dyework and sewing. The beds, however took a couple of days. I had a few things going on that took me away from lampwork so it was hit and miss there for awhile.

antique lamps are very nice and unique colors are elegant, this collection is rare, very beautiful cat, thank you for sharing, @crystalize

Thanks so much @jhoni! They are a pleasure to make and I hope the world loves them. Thank you for visiting!

I really love the warm colours @crystalize. I also like how you did the setting of the first picture next to the hare cushion - timeless... all that beading !

Right, @cryptocariad? I swear, if I ever move out of this house there will be found beads under the stove, refrigerator, wall trim, everywhere! It is nice to get positive feedback on the colors--I was a little apprehensive at first. LOL.

Really gorgeous. It looks like many tedious hours go into your lamps and you must have really tremendous patience - or just a love of your craft!

Welllll, I'm a little short on patience, but I really do love making the lamps. Thank you so much for the kind compliment!

Woot! Woot! Go You! Go You! You have an Amazing finish my dear!! It is sooooo undeniably Gorgeous! I love everything about it and see no need for change...but of course this is your specialty and not mine and you know exactly what you like.

I can’t get over how many beads you work with when making a lampshade. You have to have patience for that! I love how the beads compliment the lace pattern on the shade. It’s a really stunning piece!

Awwww poor Dax hang in there! Maybe she will let you play with some of those beads that didn’t work in a previous project!! 😂

Thanks so much @crosheile! Yes, this one had more bead pieces than most and I have no idea how it worked out that way. Once I get my mind set on a master strand, I can't seem to change it. So nice to hear that this one is aesthetically pleasing---I took a few risks mixing gold with silver and blending som pretty busy looking laces!

Well I’m glad you stuck with your master strand idea! Your products always display the hard work you put into them!!

Wow, it looks absolutely amazing! I love the colours and the beads. 😁

Thanks so much, @lil-mich! And thanks or stopping by!

That's amazing!!! It's great to have a unique lamp at home, which is perfect for your interior, especially if this lamp is hand made by!
P.s. You have Golden hands!)

You are so sweet, @naditinkoff! Thank you for the kind compliments. I hope someone loves it enough to buy it.

the beads are gorgeous !!!!! the whole lamp looks amazing! Dax took part in creating this magnificence. How can it be without it ?! :)))) You do not let her out into the street at all?

Thank you so much @tali72! Yes, Dax left a cat hair for me in one of the photos. LOL. No, I used to let her outside and she disappeared for 12 days. I had to post "Missing Cat" photos and take time off of work to find her. She was hissy and mean when shen came home. Decided to play it safe and keep her indoors.

Ooooo! This is problem!!!!

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