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I'm seeing a pattern: the same or very similar filters have been used to create this and the previous work.

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Yes! Matching collection...it's a visually similar series. They are individually significant but also part of a larger picture :)

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This is a lovely digital transformation I feel the digital version is even better than the original capture, regardless of it being the sun the smiling face seems like a warm soul, while the moon just looks very happy to be in the presence of someone so warm.

Maybe the moon should not be smiling?
Just saying... :)

Love is never easy...but especially when it involves night and day personalities. I like to think the message here...is the moon feels the sun's love is worth being burned over.

Opposites; our universe seems to be built on it. The sun and the moon, man and woman, light and dark, cold and warm....all seem to be opposites.

Why is our universe inherently dualistic? Well perhaps it's not quite the right question, like asking why water is wet or the night is black... maybe it's just how the universe is, not needing a reason for being so.

Probably the most common representation of this duality can be found in the ying/yang symbol. It is clear that people have been aware of this fundamental property of the universe for millennia. Yet in asian culture yin and yang are thought to originate from one source and as such are two different expressions of the same fundamental "thing"? / process / source / energy

Beautiful :)

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