Some Glitch Art

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I like weird stuff.

I also like glitch art, and I like it a lot. You can get some interesting results by editing images in programs not meant to edit images. And sometimes, you can even find glitches in the wild, such as the Death Note images, which happened naturally while I was using VLC Media Player. Other pictures were made with Audacity's "Import as Raw Data" function to apply effects to a waveform generated from the image. The only picture in this set that is not technically a glitch is the image of Kikyo from Inuyasha; I made it with this website Enjoy!

Ghost in the Shell, Audacity

Inuyasha, Rutt-Etra-Izer

Death Note, Natural

Photo from Daedalus's set at Camp Bisco 2012, Audacity

Original pic stolen from Google, Audacity


Wow! How was I not aware of this art concept?

Also, nice to finally see some anime nerdom here. I am not a huge anime fan or anything, but I am familiar with some of it, my sisters were always into it, and I have watched anime I really enjoyed, so I have a huge appreciation for it that some may not.

Thanks for sharing this fantastic glitch art.
Your content looks super promising and your writing and formatting already rock, so you're definitely getting featured in my next week's episode of Eyes On The Minnows. :)

Awesome, thank you so much!

I'm also a big fan of glitch-art. Do you know the iOS app glitché? You might want to check out my post regarding images I made with this app here:

I've heard that these apps exist but I've never used them. I was in a glitch art group on Facebook and people who used the app always got a lot of backlash because you can achieve a better effect by using other programs. Personally I don't care, some of your pics in that article are pretty awesome, I like the pixel sorted one of the street w/ flying ribbons a lot!

Thank you. I also checked out your link to the rutt-etra-izer, which is pretty awesome.

Which other programs do you use ?

I used Photoshop on the first image to stitch together a couple glitches, and ive used Notepad in the past but I find its too easy to break the image. Mostly I stick with Audacity. I have one called Processing but im not very good with it.

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