A simple sketch of Myself

in #art2 years ago

Hi everyone!!

It's been a very long time since I last posted here.
This time, I'm gonna show you my very first attempt to make a sketch of a human face.

What made me think to draw a self-portrait?

On March 26, I was in the hospital attending my mom who had her appendix removed earlier that day. As I was there just hanging around doing nothing, I started to take some pictures of my own. I'm not really a selfie-type of a person, so some of my pictures looks crap. While scrolling to my gallery I found one picture that makes me inspire to draw it. Luckily, I brought my school bag that time so my pencil and some papers where in it.
The drawing took me about 2 hours to make. I didn't know that it is really that hard to make a self-portrait.


Here is a the Process of the drawing

I couldn't show a really detailed step-by-step procedure because this was drawn in the hospital and I keep forgetting to take a photo for the process.

I started the drawing by making the nose first and then the eyes.

I added the mouth and the shape of the face and the ears.

After that I start to make the hair.

I finalized my drawing by adding some shadings and completing the hair.

I hope you like it. Thank you, Happy Easter and have a very Nice day.



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