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RE: Open Letter To A Liar I Once Trusted (Original Text and Gif Animation)

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Materialistic World: By it's i mean, for example to gain some material profits or any other profits people can lie and we are watching it all over the world, means lie and conflicts in job, towards property, in relationships, in friendships, lie by politicians and they eat the money which should be passed to common people. This is my thoughts towards the materialistic world, where people are received less importance than other aspects.

Illusion: By illusion i mean, i saw many people hurt their closed one's for their own benefits and for example, one individual is giving pain to their family members for an property, then in this context i am saying that, that individual is living an illusion life means we will not going to stay here forever and we don't hold any ownership on earth, so we have to follow the path of love and kindness towards human beings, instead following an illusion world where people are increasing the hatred aspect for the materialistic aspects.

These are just my opinion and i read this world this way.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Thank you for giving such understandable definitions. The way you describe this terms I agree with you that the materialistic worldview created this illusion. I think the terms are widely missunderstood in a different way, and propably with materialistic(in your sence) intention to gain this illusory values. I appreciate your comment and I am grateful to read such great thoughts on the world. We can truely never own anything in this world for real, neither material belongings nor even our thoughts and intentions, that come and go as effects of our experience. This is my belief(at the moment). I wish to you a great day as well and blessings from the universe <3

Welcome, and thank you so much for kind and warm blessings. Stay blessed. 🙂

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