Cristino Ronaldo 3d and 2d caricature

in #art4 years ago (edited)

Hi! I would like to share a caricature of Cristiano Ronaldo. One of the best football players nowadays..

Final Caricature


This is the final render of the caricature edited with Adobe Photoshop. i did the sculpt with a digital sculpting software called Zbrush. Its a great program to do organic stuff.

This is the turntable video where you can see the caricature in 3d.

Sketching process


video process

I started the caricature doing some thumbnail sketches of the face of Cristiano. Trying to capture the basic shape of his face and also his essence and his facial expression.

2d Illustration


This is the final illustration obtained after choosing the design I considered adapt better to his face.thats why its recommennded doing several sketches to study the face better and have a strong final design.

sculpting process

This is the video of the 3d sculpture. I couldnt record the entire process because my computer crashed and I lost part of the video.but i captured the inital blocking phase.
I sculpt the general masses first and later I add more details.


And voilâ. Here is the final image. In black and white. I think in greyscale you can appreciate more the 3d shapes, like if it were a marble sculpture.


Hey! Great sculpt! It‘s such a funny caricature:)

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This is really beautiful.. Keep it up.

Thanks so much!

You have been featured on @artzone..

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Thank you so much!!

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