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This turned out great. Sometimes just imposing a self deadline and making yourself finish something is the way to go. Spinning tires just sinks you farther into the mud, you know? I hope you are coming out of the creative burnout feeling because I really like your work dude. Your edits are perfect here.

@tipu curate


Most of my comments end up being bots - I stopped looking at some point. Sorry for missing this. Thank you for your kind words. I'm feeling great now. Ready to Rock and roll.

oh hey no prob dude I totally understand what you mean - most of the comments on Steem definitely are bots LOL. And I say that as part of a curation group (@c-squared) that leaves an automated comment with every upvote. But at least in our defense, @c-squared doesn't upvote a post unless it was manually curated by a real person, and reviewed in the discord community. Glad to hear you are feeling creative now! Let it rip!

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