Mirrors of the Undying Eye

in art •  3 months ago 

What is dead may never die

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That was worthy of a line in Edgar Allen Poe ... the fractal art matched up, too ... beautiful and yet disturbing when they went to grayscale suddenly... great post

I can't take credit for the what is dead may never die line, that is from game of thrones LOL The color images started life as my photography of (disintegrating) morel mushrooms, while the black and white ones started out life (death?) as a deer skull.

Ooh, I like this one. I might see if it fits with my next Aya post.

You have my forever permission to use any of my art that you like :)

First two images remind me the decorations used in ottoman mosque tiles. Beautiful.

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Yeah I totally see that - I was thinking those two would make good prints for a persian style carpet for same reason

I would wear that! so pretty

Cool that you said that - I already thought to myself that the color ones would make good fabric print for leggings or shirt or something. I am thinking about setting up some custom clothing on one of those made to order internet places. I have a few other cool variations of same

yussss!!! do iiit, i'd buy a t-shirt if it wasn't too dear. maybe leggings, but that's more winter fare..

Cool I am setting up a store on zazzle now will report back :)

This looks nice. What does this type of art called?

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Well I call my art "alien art" but I don't know that there is any real name for it. A combination of my own original photography (in this case the color images started out as a photo of morel mushrooms and the grayscale images as a photo of a deer skull), then I make a bunch of different versions of the photo by running it through deepdreamgenerator.com using different style images, then I combine the new versions with the original version in multiple layers in photoshop, and then I mirror and rotate the result, and then mirror and rotate that result, and repeat until I get weird shit like this.

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Oh, Very fantastic!
Is this made by you?

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Yes these are all original and currently Steem exclusive :)