A crumbling machine found in the desert [pt.1 of 9]

in #art4 years ago


Initial interior probes found underlying biomechanical tissue extraordinarily well preserved. We are growing a tissue sample in the cloning vats:


Scale of machine is impressive, spanning crater ~150 meters in diameter.



Yeah yeah I said I wasn't going to be making any more posts on Steem. I have realized there is no reason I shouldn't try to milk as much reward from Steem as possible while I am powering down my accounts. This is a repost, it is the first part of an ongoing sci-fi story.

I will be reposting some of my fav old posts over the next 13 weeks (or sooner if JSun pushes through a short powerdown!) and then I will remove all the contents of my posts when everything is powered down and converted to the buzziest crypto around :)

Join me on the flip side for fresh content!


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