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RE: A Late Late Tribute To The Last Forest

in #art2 years ago (edited)

This is just so beautiful it makes me want to write poetry and dream of deserts, oasis, islands, sunsets, jungles, the lost and the found, it is indeed a story. I could stare at this for hours, it is an active effort not to burst into poetry for you right now lol, but I would love to be able to frame this!

And because this is so magically I lirterally cant help myself!

hark! The ark!
The last of their kind.
Huddled together,
On a boat of hope,
That will never sail,
But spreads it seeds
And the last of the green.


The forest said Thankya! And moved on.

Another sad fact is...I am so unskilled in watercolor and I don't know when to stop. Those were on the same sheet of paper which I tried developing further and one side is completely blurred now (the lower image is no more), the other is just...worse for all the additional paint I tried applying.

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