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This is who I wish were for people who get picked on. No one would pick on someone with a giant bunnyguard ;)
But that's what inspired this. I was hearing about someone's child that had been getting harassed by two bullies, for months, then it finally came down to a fight and no one is helping the actual victim. Things like this enrage me. Especially when I haven't had a decent night's sleep for almost 2 weeks (due to noisy neighbor guests... ugh).

This painting can be found on my website forsale page, here:

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This is AWESOME!!!! You really have talent. When I have bucks (one day sigh) I will be privileged to own one of your pieces.


Thank you so much. Really helps to hear such a nice compliment.


Only a pleasure!

Awesome artwork as usual :) And that's so sad about the bullied kid. I feel the same way you do :(


Thank you. Agreed. It really upset me. It's happening all the time. and not to just kids. All ages.

The tone of this work juxtapose with the youth of the 12 year old artist, reminded me of your style.