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"I found what I'd been looking for in myself,

Found a life worth living for someone else,

Never thought that I could be, I could be,

Happy, happy"


Good evening everyone!
Hope you had a great day! Today I want to share a drawing that I started last week, but just finished... I was like, I have to do it today! And I'm so happy I can finally show it you! I really enjoyed drawing her. She's one of my favorite singer! If you don't know her at all, please check out her music. You won't regret it, I promise! x

So about the drawing...
I used: Polycolor colored pencils, A5 - art paper. (As usual.)

...and the progress pictures:












The final artwork again:

If you like my art, please show it! - Upvote - follow - comment - resteem ❤
Every nice thing makes me happy, and inspires me to continue what I'm doing! :)

'Till my next post... Stay safe!
All love,


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Sort: you are the best , i swear ! AMAZING

Aw, You're so kind! Thank you so much <3 xx

Hello ma'am....
My God...😱😱😱😱😱😱
I cant believe this.... how you draw such types of art....
When first I saw, it apears like a digital picture....🎨🖼🎨🖼
I can trust you will done everything one day....🌼🌸💐
But still it is seem real...😍😄😘
Forgive me for my wording... First time I cant express me... I cant explain.....hmmm m m....🤔🤔

You make me speechlessss sss s....🙈🙉🙊

Hi! Oh really? Thank you so much! I work so hard, and I'm happy people like my work. Thank you so much for commenting! Means a lot.x

Yes it is true.. I talk u later...
I'm thinking about ur drawing...
And I'm busy to show ur work my parents.... Ma says u layer it is not handmade.....they also cant believe..... We heard and saw famous artist works and you the best competition for them.....

All I can say is wow. You did an amazing job on this! Keep up the great work!

This is really well done especially knowing it's colored pencils! :O Wow.

Thank you so so much!:)))

This is incredible! I love how it slowly having lofe of its own as you progressed. I wish I had the talent in drawing people.

Awh! Thank you!! xx

WOW! how many days to finish this? you're so talented..I like your style! really! up voted and and I have fund, I can share and promote this!

About 3 days.. :) Thank you! ❤
You're so so kind!

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deos 😱😱😍😍😍

:))) im happy you like it!

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