U T O or how i tamed the goddess Wadjet

in art •  5 months ago

U T O. 2018 oil on canvas, acrylic 120 X 100 cm.

How it all began ...
I made a composition.
But this composition did not advance further.
And suddenly ...


Another composition began to appear ...


And the creative process began ...
Indrikprocess :-)














You are welcome to my site!

Good prints to Good people!
Print "UTO" Number One. Will be sent to Seattle (USA)



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Stunning work and what a twist! ;) Resteemed and followed.

Hi borisindrikov,

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Many thanks! I am very happy!

This is so amazingly beautiful. Love all the steps


Thank you very much!

This is one of the most beautiful artworks that I've seen on Steemit so far. All those tiny details on your dragon.. You are so patient and also passionate about what you're doing. Otherwise it won't be possible to create such a masterpiece. The color makes it look royal. The dragon's face is so kind. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt anyone :)

When I saw the first photo I thought that it was just a small painting. I'm glad that you included a photo with you for better perspective.

Was it a commissioned work? If so, I'm sure that the owner is proudly showing it to his/her friends now :)

Thank you for sharing!


Many thanks! I am very happy! :-)))
This is not an order. I do not work to order. :-)))))

I love this image very much. Will check out your website.


You are welcome!

Welcome back, Boris !!! I have missed your posts very much !

Amazing new work and it is wonderful to see its journey :) Incredible work <3


Thank you very much!

Very beautiful, I love that you take a lot of photos when you were creating this lovely artworks. Even the sketch version is already so good looking, I love all those yellow and your subtle line works, which grew more and more refined as the progress continued.
Congratulations for your curie vote =).


Many thanks!

Awesome, i love dragons and i like how you use colors heres and the perfection of your lines, oh, from another galaxy, love it love it, and your concept <3

Congratulations man. Thanks for share it, wonderful.


AMAZING work. I love the detail! Resteemed.


The detail and lines are so precise and mesmerizing. Wonderful colours too!


what creativity do you have when making a very beautiful drawing of the dragon, each color that you put on is perfect, the truth is that I fell in love with the drawing as I would like to have it in my room, it would attract a lot of attention from my visitors. in china you would become very famous for this great art @neymath11


Hi!Thank you for interest in my art!
No problem, you can order a print on canvas. Write me on boris@indrikov.com
It looks like this: https://www.indrikov.com/fine-art-prints/

If people says Art is beautiful work of magic hands then I guess the work like this must hold the forte. This is true defination of Art making it one of the finest work i ever seen. For sure the Goddess is so happy that you get @curie attention..hahaha...jokes apart the choice of color and developing from nothing to everything is incrdible. If i ever have a home of my own i would definately like to have one from you....great work dear 👍

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Many thanks! Thank you for interest in my art!

Welcome back!

Magnificent piece again and fantastic post =)

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Thanks for sharing the process of this amazingly beautiful paintings ! ^_^ kro5v5agy9.png


Oh, Barbara, thank you very much!


Nice work!

I guess the adage, Don't paint yourself into a corner actually worked out better this time, @borisindrikov. That's awesome how you were able to see another subject in all of that. I really like the combination of colors for entire painting, but in particular that of the dragon. The colors give it a weight, a presence, an elegance and an intelligence. This is no ordinary creature.

Well done on the curie vote. Very much deserved.


Thank you very much! :-)))

Wow, no words left with this divine piece of art <3


What a delicate and imaginative work, it will be pleasure following your work here.Happy that I found you great art here @borisindrikov.


Many thanks!

Congratulations @borisindrikov! You have received a vote as a way to thank you for supporting my program.

howdy from Texas sir borisindrikov! this artwork is stunning! It really is, the piece is fantastic and I could stare at it for hours, this will sell right away won't it? The detail and patterns are outrageously good!


Thank you very much! Yes, the picture is for sale.

wow, what details - glad I checked up on you again! You are posessed!
upvoted and resteemed - also shared here: https://twitter.com/visionaryartcom/status/1052536923896434688
I followed you before, but now see that you "disappeared", so good thing I searched, wondering why you were not in my feed anymore! So I click follow again and hope it stays. I think the hard fork screwed a few accounts because someone mentioned this also.


Thank you very much Master Otto! :-)) Access to the Steemit resource was disconnected in Russia. This is due to the fight with the Telegram service. Therefore, I was not so long. I hope everything will be fine now.


OK, glad you are here again. We take access for granted, so it is a surprise when we hear others are not that lucky. Got friends in Iran, and they have problems with selling stuff on line: there is no paypal in Iran!

Good prints to Good people!
Print "UTO" Number One. Will be sent to Seattle (USA)

Your pieces are so unique... its very intricate .