A place to rest (Miniature)

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In this post I want to show you a miniature of a cottage break made with dry wood. This cottage or resting place is made by using some materials, such as wood, plywood, glue, cardboard, knife, etc.

I made it very simple, you can see some photos that I share here. The first step, I cut the plywood to be made as a pole from this cottage, after cutting according to size. Then I connect one pole to the other. After finishing gluing, I finished it by installing the roof that I use from cardboard.

After making it, I put this miniature in front of my house, then I photographed her with the background of the roof from some wake up behind her. It looks like a real resting place, small size makes us easy to lift it.

One day when I was in school, my teacher told me to bring a handicraft tool, then I spent three days to finish making miniature chairs, in fact I've made a lot of miniature that comes from the small wood that I found in the wood factory.

Not all children like this kind of crafts, usually they just sing some songs for the value needs of art teachers.