Traditional Art - Black hole

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Hi everybody :)

The drawing in this post may be favorite one I ever made, even though it is not the best, or prettiest, or whatever the word is.
It is, however, related to some tough times I was going through, and I feel like I really did capture my feeling at the time.


But the main reason I heart this one is that one person, very influential in my life, really really loved it for some reason, so I gave it as a gift, and it is now - framed :)
That means the world to me, because it is someone who understood that, and appreciated it. Big 'thank you; to that person now.

I felt like I was drowning, dying inside, petrified, stuck in one room, never going to get out, hence the roots... While all my ideas and thoughts got sucked in some big black hole that swallows everything, and I cannot get to them, because I, figuratively, can't move. Heavy gravitation that is limiting me, but from beneath me, pulling me down.

Anyway, random fact about me - I am obsessed with 0.1 radiograph :D
But for real. Detailed stuff also.This one is made in that style, and took ages.
And black&white is life, so this drawing really represents me as I am.

I don't have some flattering images, or process, because it was not in my possession for long. Just this one:

Hope you like it, thank you for your time
Have fun .


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