Drawing "Debbie Harry" Singer of "Blondie" in blue and black pen.

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Hello friends of "Steemit" it is a pleasure to be sharing this audiovisual art, made in the technique of the blue and black ballpoint pen, on white smooth card surface, in this opportunity specially dedicated to the main vocalist of the musical group "BLONDIE" as is Debbie Harry, a wonderful singer, songwriter, Multi Instrumentalist, philanthropist and American actress, was born in Miami - Florida on July 1, 1945, in the decade of the 1970s, as the lead singer of the musical group "Blondie" she managed Position several songs at the top of the charts worldwide.

For a long time I have always wanted to make this portrait in particular, since this photo has a very special anecdote, "She was surprised by a paparazzi who took this picture, while leaving the recording studio in the UK and the elusive photographer He left his image in the dark glasses of Debbie Harry's glasses, which he used at that moment. ".

Debbie Harry - 1976.

Step 1.

Sketch in graphite made with pencil (Hb-2), first layers of blue ballpoint pen.

In the late 1960s, Debbie Harry, moved to New York and worked as a secretary in a "BBC Radio" office for a year, later serving as a waitress at the nightclub called "Max's Kansas City ", And then in a Playboy club as a bunny.

Step 2 and 3.

We focus on making the effect of reflections on the lenses, very important to give the perspective of the image.

In 1976 he is part of a musical movement with new sounds and thus they manage to appear in the musical movement with the band "Blondie" attracting the attention of important producers and record companies.

Step 4.

We proceed to give the texture of the skin with soft layers and this way we are giving contrast.

From the great success of the group, Debbie Harry becomes one of the sex icons of that time, in 2006 for his long career and all his successes, Blondie is inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame


Video of the process of drawing in reproduction in advanced time.


reference photograph. .



Friends of "STEEMIT" It was a great pleasure to share this art post with everyone, the main objective of this audiovisual work is to encourage the artistic initiatives of my colleagues, motivating them more and more to work for our community, I wish you many successes in your presentations


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thanks cat friend, I will not make this mistake, thanks for the friend warning.

Excelente trabajo, estas muy cerca de la perfección!

gracias amigo seguimos trabajando por el buen arte en steemit

I very like your drawing technique! Incredible work!

hello friend thank you very much for your positive message, we continue working for the welfare of art in steemit, greetings

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thank you friends this support is important for my work, greetings

Oh ma gosh. This is breath taking. Very beaytiful and neat. Great job friend.

hello friend, thank you for your important opinion, you also work with this technique, this time work with blue and black, to give more constraste and result very positive I liked this modality, greetings friend

Yeah and the work looks neat.

Excelente hermano!
Una de las mejores obras que te he conocido.

gracias amigo con un poco de practica y paciencia se obtienen buenos resultados, saludos

🎉 Congratulations @betzaelcorvo! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.

thank you friends a pleasure to be in this group

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thanks for your important support to my work, a great joy to see your logo in my post

Nice portrait of Debbie Harry, @betzaelcorvo :) The detailing is done well <3

thank you friend for your great support

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