'A Trio of Pears' Part I of II ........from bleujay's Art CollectionsteemCreated with Sketch.

in art •  9 months ago 

'A Trio of Pears'  Part I  of II 

 ........original sketch, editing, and photography by @bleujay; presented by @bentleycapital.

Original Sketch

Closer Views

Outdoor Shoot

Photograph of Materials Used

'A Trio of Pears'

Thank you Steemians for visiting.


For those interested in the details;

One of the simplest ways to keep one's art skills in practice is to keep up one's drawing skills especially whilst travelling.  

Let's say you are away on holiday.  Once settled, simply find a subject of interest and set up a still life and begin drawing on the paper you have packed away in a suitcase with a variety of drawing pencils in a tin or find a local art shoppe and discover art materials which may be different from that which you are familiar.

It is amazing how an unfamiliar and lovely piece of fabric may pique one's interest whilst out and about.  Keep on the look out for such finds in order to increase the interest of a sketch.

Your interest is appreciated.

Kind Regards,


As this is tagged an introduction post.....perhaps I had better add a word.

@bentleycapital features @bleujay's artwork which ranges from watercolours, sketches to digital artwork featuring mostly organic subject matter.  Using traditional methods and exploring new....expect the unexpected.  

Think of the site as an art gallery featuring bleujay's work exclusively.  A gallery of bleujay's work can also be found at Whaleshares at @bentleycapital where the posts will be cross-posted for now.

Why is the site called 'Bentley Capital' you ask......think investment....think cryptocurrency....think art.....it is a  fantastic combination.....is it not?



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They look ever so jolly! And I do like the outdoor shot for showing the scale!


Greetings @meesterboom.

So happy you used the word 'jolly'.....very kind of you to say. Appreciate the comment regarding the scale.....that was the intent..... it communicates...that is grand. ^__^

Appreciate you dropping by.

Wishing you and the family all the best. ^__^


Cooler climes incoming for you.....right?


The cooler climes have arrived ridiculously early it seems! Such a shame, it was a fine summer.

Hehe and jolly, yes, it leapt out! Always a pleasure to see the fruits of your labor!

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

I think you did enjoy the summer....especially on Saturdays. It will get so cool.....you will need those pleasant reminders of fine days.

You are too kind.....thank you.

Speaking of leaping......someone is doing star jumps or somersaults at the end of your post today/yesterday......very humourous. We have to keep things hopping....do we not.



We do! I felt like adding a bit of pizazz to add some cheer!

Glad you noticed! :0)

Great artwork. Keep up the good work :)



Thank you for your kind words.

lovely idea!
to paint while travelling to keep your skill up!
that's a very nice bench, too
perfect for such a painting
the fabric makes me wonder whether you collected the pears and placed them on it like an improvised bag

as for the "bentley capital" makes me think someone sold a bentley for a crypto and made several digits of $$$ profit out of it
it's worth it if that's the case isn't it?
a bentley for some Steem - why not specially if it pays :)

good luck!


Greetings @steemmagnet.

Thank you for dropping by.

Well something like that.....I put the fabric on the table and on up over a chair at the table.

Very happy to hear you enjoyed the post.

All the best to you.



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Greetings.....have never used the tag before.

This is an explanation of the account......introduction of bentleycapital as an Art Gallery.

It would be very appreciated if you would change your comment.

Kind Regards,

Bentley Capital

I like the fruits, and for some reason it looks really cool outdoors on the bench. Maybe it's the contrast of color and BW or the lines. Not sure.

Somehow I missed this, so will vote on a comment instead. Life being busy and being a goof sometimes combines into odd ingredients. Though speaking of pears, that's one thing I'm doing these days, making me busy, processing fruit. Did 88 pounds of grapes yesterday. Love them, but takes work. Think there's about 100 plus pounds to pick still on the vine.

I like your discussion about traveling. I do that a lot with photography (since I can't draw worth beans). Not only does it keep one sharp, but I think helps you do see more than you would normally pay attention to. And I'm sure drawing is the same.
Thanks for sharing your art, and explaining @bentleycapital. I was sort of right on that, to a short degree, That's a nifty idea. Well, hope you have a nice night.


Thank you @ddschteinn for dropping by.

What a welcome chat.....enjoy and look forward to your comments. ^__^

Sounds like you have been working up a storm......good for you.

All the best to you.


have fun where ever you are mon ami !

it's great that you still get to publish despite that you're travelling
lovely pear sketch as usual!



Hiya @englishtchrivy......

Thank you mon ami........lovely, lovely, to hear from you.

I shall tell you all about it. ^__^

So happy to hear you appreciated the pears.

Here's wishing you and yours a lovely weekend.


Welcome to Steemit @bentleycapital :)


Thank you @silent-ghost.

I can tell you enjoy yourself when you draw; your line work is joyful.


Greetings @kathleenscarboro

What a lovely comment .....thank you. I really do.

You have given me something to think on.

Looking forward to,seeing what you have out there.


Nice sketch, you did a great job keep up the good work.

Yours truly, tornadoman


Greetings @tornadoman.

Appreciate your kind complimentary reply regarding the work.

Hope everything is going well for you.

Congratulations on turning '50'.

All the best.



Thanks my new goal is 60

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Sounds lovely.....

Thank you for your reply.


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Thank you very much.

Hey bleujay, I recognize these pears, you remember in one of the last post I mentioned those sketches with pears. I just fell in love with them. The table cloth pattern is interesting with those little detailed flower pattern and I love how you paid attention to the folds.

You are right it is one of hte way to relax while being on holiday just have a sketch book, I sometimes during my Study leave take a sketch book and do some sketches, while in Train, in the lunch break and just if it is boring lecture. Sorry sometimes it is a case and better to sketch something rather to get asleep :)

I like your idea of gallery of bleujay art and happy to see your work gathered separately.
Wish you, as last week, nice weekend, Chees, @Stef1

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Thank you for your kind reply stef1.

Oh yes....better to sketch than fall asleep indeed. ^__^

So happy to hear you enjoyed the pear sketch.

Yes...I do remember you mentioning it....and was thinking of your comment along with your mention of pears in your garden as I found myself drawing pears once again.

Thank you for your kind wishes.

Here's wishing you and your family a lovely week end.


NB Regarding the art gallery....I should have mentioned....it is my husband's idea....and technically his account....however I am the one managing it. ^__^


I see, now it is clear, we are lucky to have such husbands who kindly promote the works of their wives :) It looks like we have few things in common :) Appreciate for your feedback, dear @bleujay

I can expect the magnificent artwork from this excellent sketch…. I do really love @bleujay’s artworks which are always great!

I also like the Outdoor Shoot; i.e. the way you put the sketch on the bench with beautiful old style among green grass and colorful leaves, very perfect shot!

Well done, as always!

Looking forward to Part II with much interest.

Wishing you have a wonderful weekend! ;)


Greetings @tangmo.

Thank you for stopping by with such a lovely reply.....your enthusiasm is catching and inspiring. ^__^

So happy to hear you enjoyed the presentation.

Appreciate your kind wishes for a 'wonderful weekend'.

Here's wishing you and yours a lovely weekend. ^__^



You are most welcome! :)

And thanks so much for your kind wishes…. ;))

cool stuff :)


Thank you.

Bienvenido a steemit c:


Muchas Gracias! @roinujx.

I can tell you enjoy yourself when you draw; your line work is joyful.

Hello you are welcome to steem community


Thank you for your kind welcome @hopo04.


espectacular!!! Nice !!


Thank you @krakenpei for your complimentary words.

Welcome to Steemit.