Nightly Doodling #33

in art •  4 months ago

Hey Everyone!

After a simple graffiti sketch for the Coffee 'N Sketch series, I found myself dotting and doodling the background. So eventually, it turned into a little Nightly Doodle session.

Check out the previous doodle: Nightly Doodle #32

Nightly Doodle 33.jpg






Let me know what you think!


Until we meet again!

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this is really cool, @benja ! love the style so much ! the inking and detailing work are also wonderfully done <3 awesome post !


Appreciate the nice comment! I absolutely love adding details, even though they consume most of my time.

well nighttime or not, I love it.. it's really clean and detailed.. great doodle :)


Glad you like it! Thank you for stopping by :)

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