Thank you Jon for the honor of being included in this list of wonderful artists. I greatly appreciate your curatorial work an passion for art. :)

You're welcome Monica! :)

Good one! I'm surprised how many interesting arts mentioned in the article. Keep going!

Thank you! I will :)

@beinart Thanks for featuring, Jon.
I posted that drawing OUROBOROS PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINE about 4 months ago, with a lot of info and some interesting trivia (one guy had it tattooed on his leg!)
Anyway, I upvoted, resteemed and shared it - on FB there is this group
and shared on my twitter:

Awesome that someone got this piece tattooed on their leg!

Mobile art promotion. =)

Wow... very gorgeous and stunning artworks...
Long live great artists!

Thanks for sharing, dear @beinart ...❤

Thank you so much!

You are most welcome...❤
Would you please visit my steemit blog also, dear my friend...
There are many interesting things also...
Hope you will like it...😀🤗☕❤

Wow, impressive collection! Thank you so much, for including me :-) I feel very honored!
And I found some more artists I didn't know were here on steemit too!

Amazing post, didn’t know half of them! I really hope they will join our Slothicorn community in Discord, so we can help supporting them!

Here’s the invitation link:

Thank you Jon for featuring my painting here!!!

You're welcome Peter! I've always loved your work :)

Thank you for featuring one of my paintings in this beautiful collection of artists and artworks!

Thank you for this article, I just joined Steemit and this is exactly what I need now. Everybody says there is a big and supporting community of artists out here, I hope I can be a part of it.

You're welcome :)

Really nice post. Always love to see other artists on this platform. Keep up the good work @beinart!

Thank you :)

All my favourites, great collection indeed! I've found some good new artists to love thanks to you :)

I'm so happy to hear that Donna :)

Thanks Jon, an honor to be on the list and wonderful to see all these artists on steemit..many i am just discovering through your post. :D ...resteemed!

Wonderful! your beautiful piece belongs on this list!

The more you practice the luckier you get

This piece of architectural art work is just heart grasping. Breathtaking photo. That level of imagination can only be fone by a genius.

Great post @beinart, some amazing talent on steemit that i wasn't aware of here, thanks for sharing!

You're welcome! Thank you!

Thank you thank you...I think I follow most of these these artists but I like to be reminded.

You're welcome! I love them all!

we talked about that on FB - idk - need to find out how to get that on busy.

Thanks for the list, will definitely check these artists out.

You're welcome :)

Thank you for featuring me! This is a fine list to be a part of. A few of my favorite steemians are here, and you introduced me to some new ones to follow!

great list. I would also like to recommend: @axeman, @eveuncovered, @artzanolino and @whornung.

Thank so much for the suggestions. I followed a couple of them :)

Thanks a lot for including my work in this selection with others fellow artists and some i didn't know!

Your work is wonderful! Looking forward to seeing more :)

This should be the invite link to Discord Artists

Thank you!

Thank you so much for including me and introducing me to some exciting Steemians.

You are so welcome! I really am blown away by your sand sculptures! It must be a difficult medium to master :)

Some truly inspirational work here! Were are surrounded buy talent, buy bringing all our skills together Steemit can change the world 💯🐒

These are some great finds!!

Thanks! Glad you like them :)

Thanks you for putting this together and sharing!

You're welcome! Thank you!

Thanks for the plug! I'm going to follow all these people.

You're welcome! I'm glad you like the list :)

Gorgeous sellection! Resteemed.

Thank you so much!

nice list! i already follow a few of these guys but lots to investigate now. thanks!

You're welcome! I had fun compiling this list :)

Fantastic selection!

Thanks to @paradigmprospect, this post was resteemed and highlighted in today's edition of The Daily Sneak.

Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!

Thanks so much for that!

Yes, great works here

Oooh! There's a few new artists here that I haven't seen yet. I'm off to investigate and follow.

Thank you very much for the inclusion in your post. =)