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Prints are available on my PIXELS.COM site

A 4504577-CROP-THE-EARY-BIRD-greyscale400.jpg

watching with a sad expression
chained to my logo



This was one of the few pieces that I actually made a preliminary drawing - it was just a small one to begin with, on a A4 sheet. Then I decided to do it large.
1st sketch by Otto Rapp,
​graphite on paper 10" x 8.5"

...... meanwhile on Facebook, someone sent me this photo of his tattoo, based on my drawing!

Ouroboros Perpetual Motion combined with ad-web.jpg
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I played with the image in photoshop and mirrored it .........and once a event in Norway asked to use it for a poster

Exhibition: Das Rad Neu Erfinden
Villa Berberich, Bad Säckingen, Germany - April 9th to May 7th 2017

18042859_120332000236549877_873777256_o-Bad Säckingen-with Pavlina-web.jpg

Artist Pavlina with my drawing at the Villa Berberich, Bad Säckingen, Germany
April 9th to May 7th 2017
the sculpture on the left is by Veikko Peter

​EXHIBITION: A LEGACY OF LIGHT ~ Generations of Vision
at the CASTLE GLOGGNITZ, AUSTRIA, July 27th - September 10th 2016

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I have a lot of favorites among your art, but this is definitely in the top. It appeals to the cyclist in me and the never ending journey. Destinations are waypoints in my infinite existence. It is also deeper than that. No matter what I'm doing, I am always recreating myself. I am new, I am a made from what I am.

You're an Upcyclist ;)

Insane drawing Otto.....:-)....I saw an Ouroboros twice.

thanks - the only time I saw an Ouroboros was in my head, lol

Very surreal drawing, reminds me to Hieronymus Bosch's paintings.
Now you have a new follower!

great, thank you very much!

Haha, I just noticed the mirrored version and I thought, 'At once traveling into the past and into the future. Matter and antimatter each with their time a running reciprocal to the other, yet one in the same.'

thank you - interesting thought! In Quantum Physics, it should be possible .......

It's the most creative ouroboros I have ever seen. It reminds me of animation of a hypercube. I fell into it, staring, fascinated.

Hypercube, yes. Did you read "—And He Built a Crooked House—"

I haven't, but now I hope to!

definitely, you must - it is just a short story. I had a book of a collection of Hugo Award Winners edited by Isaac Asimov - as it were, when I left Canada I had to leave my books behind, among them a large SF collection.

Nice of your arts.

Woow... Nice drawings and designs...
I'm drawing patterns too.

thank you - cool patterns!

hermoso trabajo

thank you very much!