Ambiguous Object / A Wish or a Gamble

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Don't snap the bone.

My wife says lets make a wish and I quickly reply don't snap the bone. And of course she wants to know why so I tell her, I want to make something with it, something like a tool or maybe a love charm, I really don't know. She raises her eyebrows as if asking for further explanation, so I add, I really don't want it to be anything specific. I want it to be ambiguous. Then a flash of understanding twinkles in her eye and she says, oh this is one of your art things isn't it?

A Wish or a Gamble
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This image was first published in Right Hand Pointing.

The Magic of Bones

People have always found bones to be interesting; perhaps because they are representations of something that was once living. Many consider them to be magical. They cast them onto the ground to tell fortunes; grind them to make mojos; or even use them in to cast spells designed to bring misfortune to others.

So this makes me ask, do know why you are attracted to a particular person? Did they put you under a spell? The poem I have written is about falling in love, being captured and smitten by mojo.

Thank you for supporting my work.

Writing and art are my own.

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