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Hey everyone!

A few weeks ago I was asked to create some artwork for a Stakenet-army (community project) blog revolving around art/digital art.

I dont know if you remember it but that was this robot named welcome:

They aim for the blog to be very diverse, have different styles and looks to the artwork placed on it.
Which is great for me.. as I can just get out of my comfort zone and do stuff I tend to not normally paint/draw.

For this edition they wanted a piece called Vision.
It would be a more abstract, surreal piece..

Here is a bit of progress how the piece came to be!
enjoy! :)

To end up with a final:

I hope you like it,, its is quite different from what i normally do ! :D


Rogier / @beekart


Yes agree, this is something out of your regular style, but I like it. It's so good from time to time to step out from regular staff @beekart.

It really is.. keeps you fresh!

cool Rogier :D <3

Thank you Adele! <3!!

Very vibrant and sleek work. Nice


Thank you very much! :)

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Wowoww it's an amazing illustration artwork. Loved it.

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I like it @beekart you are on to something here.

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