ART RAFFLE -6- SUPER HERO EDITION! - Free Art-Print Giveaway!

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Good day Steemaneze!

As promised yesterday.. Another Art Raffle!
This time it will be a 'Super Hero edition!' meaning I will give away my Super Hero prints!

First things first though!

There has been some confusion over what this actually is.. So if you are new to this.. Please let me quickly explain!

I am Rogier, I am an artist who works for games & films.. I make images/paintings/drawings etc..
And I get invited or attend comic conventions.. When I do I bring prints from my work and sell those to whoever is interested! :)

But as alot of you might never meet me on a comic-con and i have load of prints laying at home.. I figured I organize a 'Raffle' every now and then. I get to spread my work around (which is awesome!) and you guys have a chance of winning a free print.

I usually hope the upvotes on the post / and my other posts / pay for shipping costs.. Which mean I can practically do it for free!
Everybody wins?! :)

There have already been quite a few lucky winners which you can see in this post from yesterday!

Okay.. So how do you enter the RAFFLE?!

1: Comment Below to which print you want to win!
2: Resteem this post, so as many people can see it and have a chance of entering
3: (optional!) Upvote the post! Helps pay for shipping <3

4: (if you are lucky) Receive a High Quality Art Print in the mail for free! ;)

Prints available for winning this week!

HELLBOY (the website is NOT on the print!)





These are all A3 Prints ( 30x40cm )

Good luck to all participants! Please do not forget to reSteem if you decide to enter!

Thank you!




good day, pay attention to my account, I pay a fee for your votes from 50 to 70 % of the program sbdgiveaway, I will be glad to meet and communicate further)))

I love art 👍👍👍

That Gambit looks awesome.

Hey bro, some of my friends just set this up. It would be cool to get some tokens to you for bonus prizes for your comps. Hit them up!

Oh nice! Thanks for the tip mate! ^^ thank you for thinking of me :D

Wow man that's super generous of you. I'll upvote and resteem even if I don't win anything simply because as a fellow artist I understand how much work goes into creating art and every man and his dog says "Draw me a picture!" without any intention of paying for your skills and hard work. I'm actually doing the artwork for a friend at the moment for a kids book... 10 pages long (she tells me this after I say yes) and she offers me a box of pencils for my work lol. Hmmm... it's ok, keep your pencils, I'll just do it for the love of it haha. I'm grateful for the offer but a 10 page book is a decent amount of work eh!

I'd be blown away to win any of your artwork as I'm currently working on decorating my office with inspiration to grow my own skills as an artist and really enjoy analysing high level creations to figure out how they're done. The hair on Gambit is incredible and really love the mirrored style you've done in the others. In fact I can tell there's a crazy amount of skill and passion put into all your artwork. The Batman image definitely shows off the mirrored style the best, almost like 2D Batman gonna have a fight with 3D Batman. Super cool! Reminds me I gotta do a Joker for a mate of mine for Xmas. If I drew and painted more than I spent commenting on Steemit posts maybe I'll get that good one day lol.

lol :D Thank you so much mate!

Yeah thats silly.. she should've told you before doing it ;D Though.. if ur doing it for free you most of the time get the freedom to do whatever you want right?!

Would be an honor to have some of my prints on your wall mate! Cheers for that! ;)
You can enter every week so you have a decent chance of winning i guess.. Not THAT many people play along with these :P
If the SBD value stays this way you can even buy some from if you want to..

And if it does really well I could choose to pick 2 winners instead of won! :)
Steemit might end up getting everybody some prints! ^^


Oh okay... :D :D

Awesome! It's gotta be Gambit! Great work once again mate!

Thank you sir! :) I'll write you down for a Gambit print! ;)


Holy shit gast! Deze prints zijn allemaal vet!
Maar Batman is nr1 in mijn boekje. Die hard fan hier👊

Haha cool!
Staat genoteerd ;)

Ah, so many awesome pictures in these raffles! For me, it's a tossup between Batman (because, come on, it's BATMAN!) and Groot... I love all the little magic spark things... and the texture... and his eyes. LOL Ok I think I've convinced myself to stick with Groot.

haha :D
Groot it is! Though you never know.. maybe the arts never show up on your doorstep .. canadian mailman is keeping them for himself o.O

Greetings @kamikaze, you could guide me on what is the process to claim the Pending claimed accounts?

I like the Batman one but the Gambit one is absolutely sick! If I had to pick just one I would pick Gambit...would go great on my dorm room wall!

I like the GROOT art. It's creepy!

nice giveaway. Thank you.

Groot is cool though Gambit is as well, but placing those eyes on my wall might spook me.

hahaha its not that bad! :D If you win ull have to give me the final decision ;)

I AM (for) GROOT!!!!!!!

haha :D noted! :D

I think your art is very impressive in general, I would love to get my hands on the Groot print. Well done, and thank you for hosting this raffle. :D

Thank you very much @skippyza ! :) I shall write you down for a groot print ;)
no probs mate! <3 i just think it is amazing i get to send my work around the globe to people who will enjoy it ^^

OMG awesome as always Rogier!
I'm Soo in for Groot.... No Batman.... No Groot... Wahhh I can't decide xD


(Translation: I think I'll go with Groot! 😁)

hahaha :D Noted! Groot it is! .. or batman?!

I am Groot! :D

haha :D Noteddd!

great post. I am going to Gambit

Sounds good! Thank you!

ik zou heel graag de Hulk winnen :-) ik heb al zo een mooie van diablo ... ik resteem

Cool! staat genoteerd! ;)

ik wil ook graag de hulk winnen :-) voor @james-hugo

Any would be awesome, but Groot first, and second Hellboy, all really great art.

Thank you very much! I write you down for those.. though if you win you can just choose whichever :D

GROOT! He looks so magical and wise! xD

Wise.. His only words are i am groot! O.O ;D

Hahaha yeah well he "looks" like it xD ;D

I'll have to go with Batman.
Very nice work!

Sounds good @chrisroberts ! :D
Cheers mate!

Fantastic art! I love Groot the most!
This post definitely is worth an upvote, a resteem & 👍👍👍👍

Thank you! I'll write you down for a groot :D

COOL!! (-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you for this post

OK, maybe I will win one day.
I would love that Hulk print....
Although, That Gambit is awesome.

haha you have atleast a week to make up your mind! ;)

Sticking with the hulk.
One of my first series I collected in the 90's

Wow! Goodluck! There are really a lot of artistic stemians

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Wow Gambit is my favorite in X-men please do more Gambit And draw Evil Batman too

I want GROOT please, I love him ;)

haha I'll write you down for that! Hopefully you win! Cheers!

Thanks, I also hope to win since I really like your art ;)

WOW ! It's so wonderful ! o Insta followed ! xD Congratulations !

i like a hulk...verry good

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That artwork is insane, whaaaaaaaaaaat!

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