Art - Black Lotus - 'Fan art' of the famous - Most Expensive MTG Card :)

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Hey everyone!

Hope you are all doing well?

One of the coolest images I got to work on for my Card Game Tokens project is this one!
The 'Fan Art' for the famous Black Lotus card.

The foil version of this card game out rly amazing... The following picture doesnt quite do it justice.. but you get the idea! :)

If you not know the Black Lotus card from MTG, it is one of the most overpowered cards in the game and received its legendary status due to the iconic art and the overwhelming prices they are being sold for.

These cards are sold/auctioned for up and over $160,000.00 nowadays!

I don't think our versions of it (as token) will ever reach that status... but getting a few to add to you MTG collection might be a good investment ;)

Wink Wink :D

Thanks for watching everyone,

Let me know what you think!

Rogier / @beekart


I think my partner has a proxy (aka fake) one of those in his cube. We’ve never seen a real one though, could pay off a house with one 😳

Love your “fan art” too, it’s gorgeous! I shall show this to my partner 😆

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Haha yeh if only that was a real one.. in pristine condition.. :D

A local gameshop here has 2 real ones.. in glass cubes behind protection.. crazy stuff.

If your partner is a MTG player he should definitely check out the Card Game Tokens website :D its all made by me and could also get stuff signed for you if thats requested :)

Your black lotus is a hundred times better looking than the official MTG art @beekart, just saying.

:D THank you so much haha ,, it is a card from early 90's / late 80's .. if my knowledge is correct :D

That's amazing, Rogier ! Love your fanart of the infamous Black Lotus card, the lighting is super mystical and exudes untold powers (and meta commentary of its original OPness) XD

160k for a card! That's insaaaaaaaaane WOW!!!

Thank you very very much @veryspider :)
Yeah and as far as i know.. its not even the most expensive one ever sold. Crazy mtg players :P

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We need more inside Into your work mate! Pls keep posting and inspire me/us!

Thanks mate, its good to be missed! Hard to find a way back haha ;) I'll do my best!

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