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Hello friends and artists,

The new contest list of ongoing drawing, painting and crafts contests is available!


Here the list of traditional drawing, painting and crafts contests currently running and expiring in the coming week which I gathered so far, if you find some more, feel free to share!

(Click on the image to go to the contest post) image sources : contest hosts

Zen Colouring Contest
Edition :23 weekly editions since February 2018
Host : @magiccleatus
Theme :stencil to be coloured
Technique :featured colour : Blue
Closure :
--- Tue 24/07/2018
--- 12:00 CET
Tag :#zencolouringcontest
Contest Post :

Quotizm - Art Challenge
Edition :2 since June 2018
Host :@peliken
Theme :The future of money are digital currencies! Bill Gates in any creative way.
Technique :You need to portray the quote
Closure :
--- Tue 24/07/2018
--- ~ 12 AM ET
Tag : #quotizm
Contest Post :

Draw it better
Edition :21 weekly editions
Host :@sirsensei
Theme :Flowers
Technique :All types of painting techniques and styles
Closure :
--- Wed 25/07/2018
--- not specified
Tag :#drawitbetter
Contest Post :

5 SBD Contest
Edition :6 since June 2018
Host :@jonbit
Theme :any
Technique :any form
Closure :
--- Fri 27/07/2018
--- not specified
Tag :#
Contest Post :

Steem Monsters
Edition :7 weekly editions since June 2018
Host :@steemmonsters
Theme :Steem Monsters inspired art
Technique :any
Closure :
--- Fri 27/07/2018
--- 11:00 AM CST
Tag :#steemmonsters
Contest Post :

Art Storm
Edition :34 weekly editions with daily themes since December 2017
Host : @deemarshall
Theme :daily different theme, check out the tag #artstorm
---Monday 23rd July – Moonlight
---Tuesday 24th July – Cowboys and Cowgirls
---Wednesday 25th July – Bad Art
---Thursday 26th July – Childhood Memories
---Friday 27th July – Gnomes
---Saturday 28th July – Overeating
---Sunday 29th July – Fun
--- each day 9:00 am UTC the following day
Tag :#artstorm
Contest Post :

Googly eyes
Edition :53 weekly editions since July 2018
Host : @googlyeyes
Theme : Googly eyes
Technique : crafts
Closure :
--- Sun 29/07/2018
--- not specified
Tag :#googlyeyes
Contest Post :

Easy Mini Art Contest
Edition : 3
Host :@jacinta.sevilla
Theme :Bees and Butterflies
Technique :drawing (traditional or digital)
Closure :
--- Mon 30/07/2018
--- not specified
Tag :#bee-art
Contest Post :

Pinky And Spiky
Edition :18 weekly editions since March 2018
Host :@organduo
Theme :Spiky Cuts Himself
Technique :multi-panel comic strip, any type of art
Closure :
--- Mon 30/07/2018
--- 12:00 PM UTC
Tag :#pinkyandspiky
Contest Post :

Art explosion
Edition :44 bi-weekly editions since July 2017 (in the beginning weekly)
Host : @juliakponsford
Technique :All forms of art (new art only)
Closure :
--- Sat 04/08/2018
--- 3:00 pm EST
Tag :#artexplosion
Contest Post :

Of course I thank all the contest hosts for organizing the contests!

I hope you find this list useful and I wish you lots of fun with the contests!


Take care and share!

Take a tour on my blog to discover my art tutorials!

I Invite you also to discover


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