🌱 Beginner's Guide : Participate in an Art Contest

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More and more people join Steemit and discover the huuuuge variety of creative initiatives on this great platform. One type of initiative are the ART CONTESTS.

This article aims to explain the big principles on how such an Art Contest usually works.
And guess what :


1° Choose the contest


Steemit has a huge offer of Art Contests. Here some sources to check out for finding art contests:
🔴 the tag #contest on Steemit (all contests)
🔴 follow me @becometheartist (weekly compilation of traditional art contests, published every Monday)
🔴 Contests room in the PAL DISCORD
🔴 Contests room in the STEEM-ART DISCORD

2° Read the instructions of the contest


Open the contest announcement post of the contest that interests you. The contest host explains the rules which you need to follow.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ The following steps can vary from contest to contest ⚠️⚠️⚠️

3° Create your artwork and take pictures during the realization


Most contests require that you create a new artwork inspired by the contest, not published before, original and belonging to YOU (not taken from the internet).
Usually to proof that it's new work, you are required to provide a few pictures of the process during the realization.

4° Create a Steemit article as your contest entry


Create an article using the pictures you made and include also the link to the contest announcement post. Some contests might require as well to write some explanations or a story related to your artwork. Often you need also to add a specific tag to your post and/or to incude the contest name in the title. (So I repeat, it's very important to read the contest rules of the specific contest)

5° Post the link to your new post in the comments section of the contest announcement post


This is often required in order to facilitate the contest host to easily find your entry, but if it's part of the requirements, you have to post this comment, otherwise you ight be exclused (I talk from experience, where I forgot it, and my entry was not retained ☹️)

6° Resteem and Upvote the contest announcement post


Not all contests require you to resteem and upvote the announcement posts, but if it's the case, you need to do it, otherwise your entry will not be accepted. Even if it's not mandatory, you can always show your support to the contest host by upvoting/resteeming.

7° Cross your fingers and discover other artists' work


Now wait until the closure of the contest and cross your fingers! Not every contest has a clear end date/time. In that case the contest stops often 7 days after the contest announcement post was published.
You are encouraged to also have a look at what the other contest participants produced (and encourage them with commenting, upvoting, resteeming). This makes you also discover other artists and new techniques!

8° The winner selection


In the contest announcement post, the host explains the selection criteria. Most of the time it's the host's own appreciation, but it can also be selected by a jury he selected, or trough voting by Steemers. (and yes ... read the announcement post, I can't repeat it often enough )
About how many winners will be chosen, there are different practices. Some contests will have 1 winner, but others can also choose a runner up, or top 3, top 5, ...

9° The winner announcement


Usually the contest host writes an article announcing the winner(s), so make sure you follow the contest host, so that you see the article appearing in your feed.

10° Get the reward


Most contests' rewards are in STEEM or SBD. The contest host will make the transfer of the indicated amount to you if you are amongst the lucky winners. Some contests also reward all the participants, or reward with other means such as SP delegations or whaleshares for example.

I hope this clarified to you a typical course of an art contest and gave you some confidence for joining!

Here the direct link to my current contest compilation for traditional art contests :

Unleash your creativity 05/03-11/03 ! List of ongoing drawing, painting and crafts contests


Feel free to share your questions or feedback in the comments or on Discord !

Take care and share!

Take a tour on my blog to discover my art tutorials!


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Great work there!!! Thank you for the info!

You're welcome : check out the updated contest list. I captured 18 contests running now on traditional art

Yiu have really done well to explain vividly something i didnt know... Thank you

Thanks for your feedback. In case you try some contests, I wish you good luck !!!

I learn something new about this platform every day. I'm starting to think the better question is what doesn't steemit do.

I just reopened an art portfolio from many years ago today. So, now i'm off to go find a few contests.

Great! good luck!

PS : I just published the article with the updated contest list

Very useful info for beginners! great done!

Thanks for your continuous support @prostosun!

Some great information here. Thanks for postintg this. Looking forward to participate.

Hy! I am a bot and I find your post valuable for the art community! Thanks for great post! I follow you!

hey steemit world i hope you welcome me here guys.
im new here.


Welcome! I wiish you lots of fun on Steemit! it's great!

Done upvote!

What good information, these points very well detailed to be a good participant! Thank you!

Happy you like it!

PS : I just published the article with the updated contest list

great post and good timing here. your detailed post on art contest and how to do all is very helpful. will look into it. thanks for sharing

Thank you. I wish you good luck and fun for the contests. For your info I just published the article with the updated contest list

welcome in the community :)

Hi @becometheartists how are you? Welcome on Steemit my friend and really interesting posts about contests ! I was asking myself a lot of questions about them and you answered for most of them so thank you ! I would like to connect with other cool steemians like you. I’m posting music tutorials and other things related to music (and bitcoins:p). I’m the founder of the free music school communicasound. I'm really pleased to meet you. So i give you my vote, follow you and i will be happy to read your next posts in the futur. If you want, you can do the same and follow me. It’s important to have a family in Steemit :) Greetings from Paris. Peace

Merci pour ton commentaire! Je te souhaite un bon amusement avec les concours ;)
A bientôt!

HAha thank you to answer in french ! Perfect writting. Are you from France yourself?

EDIT : I just updated the above link to the contest list with the fresh list of this week!

🏆🏆🏆🎨 Unleash your creativity 05/03-11/03 ! List of ongoing drawing, painting and crafts contests

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