New Minimalist Steem-Art by @BecomeTheArtist

in #art3 years ago (edited)

Hi friends,

here another minimalist drawing of mine :

What do you see in it?

Bonjour à tous,

voici un nouveau dessin minimaliste.

Que voyez-vous?

Hallo zusammen,

Hier eine meiner minimalistischen Zeichnungen.

Was seht ihr darin?


Take care and share! - A bientôt - Bis bald


You like art contests?
Vous aimez les concours d'art?
Seid ihr Kunst-Wettbewerb-Fans?


can i also 12.jpg

I see girls' ponytails with bows around them :)

Shall I put it in the Steemit Art Centre Gallery?

Wow you have a broad imagination. never thought about this :)

good profile, keep the good work going.

Hey @becometheartist, i see you like art as much as we do,
and we would love to invite you to our Discord server.
On our discord you can find more people that like art
and you are possible to promote yourself. Keep on posting ;)

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