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Hellooo everyone!

See here my Nature Collage! It's a canvas of 30 cm x 30 cm, which I painted "wildly" in beige and added touches of lighter and dark brown and a kind of yellowish.
When dry I sticked items which I collected in the nature onto the canvas!


This realization is my entry for @beccadeal's contest : Creative Mind Challenge Week #2- Nature Collage- Enter To Win 10 SBD

Let's go and discover the process!










Thank you so much @beccadeals for organizing this contest and of course the inspiration you gave me with your chosen theme!

Take care and share!

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Great job on the nature theme. Please make sure to add it to the contest page to enter the contest. Luckily it showed up in my feed or I would not have seen it. :)

Indeed, I was just again creatively busy by painting something and sudenly I thought OMG I forgot to put the link in the main post! I went back to my PC and you also reminded me the same :)

Anyway it's done now! I posted in the comments! (all conditions should be fulfilled now ;-) )

Thanks so much for organizing, it gave me the opportunity to try something new again, that's so cool :)

... going back to work now ... ;-)

Glad you were able to enter. I didn’t want you to miss the chance. Have fun with your new creations :)

Yes indeed I was very close to the deadline again. This time I needed a few days to get the leaves drying. 🍂 Thanks!

Damn that is good article...hope u will like my post too...

What a beautiful creation! I love the colors choice and the creative ways you're making it.

Congrats on your win!

Thank you so much!!! I enoyed realizing this!

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