Orctober 2018 - Day31

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Day 31 - The orcs unite us - Final - Orctober 2018, The Orcs Month.
This is a collaboration I did with the talented rachelilustrates, an artist I met through Orctober. This is very magical. I feel very happy. A special drawings for the end. Thanks Rachel and thanks to all for your support, see you next year, FOR THE HORDE!

Esta es una colaboración que hice con la talentosa rachelilustrates, una artista que conocí a través del Orctubre. Esto es muy mágico me siento muy feliz. Un dibujos especial para el final. Gracias Rachel y Gracias a todos por su apoyo, nos vemos el año que viene, POR LA HORDA!

Since last year I have celebrated Orctober, the month of the Orcs, an orc every day. I love the orcs of Warcraft and Octobre is the month of my birthday and I thought it was a great idea, I'll leave you the drawings I'm doing, Thanks :D

Desde el año pasado he celebrado Orctober, el mes de los Orcos, un orco cada día. Me encantan los orcos de Warcraft y Octobre es le mes de mi cumpleaños y me pareció una genial ideal, les iré dejando los dibujos que vaya haciendo, Gracias :D

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Oh! You finally finished Orctober 2018! Amazing feat, @basileonardo :) And with a collaborative piece !!! The expressions of the two characters are nicely done, and the way they interact with each other is good, also. Well done <3

Thank you very much Spider, always so kind, finally I put all the drawings: D I am very lazy with steemit :( some day what if we make a collaboration? :D I am very happy with this one :D

People often don't take notice on others on Steemit, so I try to do what I can when I can :D Yes! A great achievement ! You finally put all the drawings !!! \o/ Good going, you! <3

Yes, I welcome collaboration, of course! Maybe I can ink your sketchies or something? I love collaboration work very much !!! <3 Hook me up, any time <3

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