For my friend Organduo

in #artlast year


This is a surprise gift for my friend @organduo and his wife @laputis. He has been very constant in Steemit since he started, he is growing little by little and he has always supported me, thank you very much friend!



Here I leave these images if you want to use them


banner final post.gif


Thanks a lot my friend! We are very beautiful... I like our noses, haha! I'm glad you are still here! When Steem hits double digits you will be glad you stayed...

Good thing you liked friend: D I love to give away

Aww this is such a sweet gift! They look great~

Thanks Thi, always supporting, yep, they are good friends: D

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Really nice gift, @basileonardo! They both look really neat <3 Your colours and linearts are so clean and lovely, as usual :)

Thank you Very, always so kind, I wanted to make a surprise gift to my friend: D he liked it

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:c have I done something wrong ?

jaja disculpa, estaba tratando de despejar un como mi feed, pero bueno, ya que me escribes, y que te importa, te sigo otra vez, disculpa

Beautiful drawing, you use blue and pink which reminds me of Pinky and Spiky

Very well! You grabbed the reference: D I'm proud of you, (without irony) :)